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This week’s featured Q&A comes from the 10/10/2019 Double Digit:

Q: Hello Adironnda. What are some characteristics of 5th dimensional energies we can notice and share, so we can expand and magnify them?

A: “Physical things happening that have no explanation, that is fifth dimensional energy.

How many times are you connecting with your innate to clarify that you’ve just heard a thought that you feel is from someone else? That is fifth dimensional thinking.

How many times does it happen that you are picking up the telephone and it hasn’t rung yet, or you think, “Where is my phone?” and then it rings. That is fifth dimensional energy.

Fifth dimensional vibrational frequency (we love both words), is being in the energy of flow so completely that everything follows suit. Feeling what the end result is, and watching yourself take the next step of action is fifth dimensional thinking.

We believe that this planet is already in the fifth dimension, that it’s just taking the humans a bit of time to find their ‘slipstream.’ We want you to feel what it feels like to be in that flow. We actually created a CD recording with the Divine Randy [Luna] called Flow. And that’s what it is, finding that place of Divine balance for the five… finding the place of vibrational frequency that when you feel it, it becomes so.

Now, also keep in mind that just because you’re feeling it, does not mean that it is in your Divine order to receive it. We have many people that say, “Well, I feel like having a sweetheart, but they’re not here yet.” You know, of course, the problem with that statement is they’re feeling it but then the next phrase is they’re not here yet.

There are people that are designed for oneness, there are people that are designed for partnerships, and there are people that are designed to be them and learn who they are in strength and in oneness. And that does not mean that you’re not sharing your world, with the world, and your sweetheart. It means that you get to fall in love with yourself.

We hear one of our dear friends, that emails us every once in a while, saying, “Well, where is my lottery win? Where is my money? I’ve done all the things that I thought I was supposed to do, and it’s still not here.” Well, there’s a part of your destiny where you simply get the opportunity to surrender your control, and love what you have, that is right in front of you. And, be grateful for every single dollar that passes your way, and be grateful every time you get the opportunity to pay those bills, that you have the money.

You see, it’s not the money that you’re asking for. It’s the things that you think that money can give you. Money can give you nothing, things maybe. But what’s in here (points to heart) is what we ask you to love. What is in here is what we ask you to feel. Your heart is the magnified energy of the fifth dimension. Where is your heart? That’s the key.” Adironnda & The Council of Light

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