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Adironnda Answers

Featured Question

This week’s featured Q&A comes from the 10/10/2019 Double Digit:

Q: Do mermaids exist? Where do mermaids come from?

A: “Yes, mermaids exist. They live in the ocean.

And they came from other planetary systems, the Pleiadian and the Arcturian [star systems]. Many mermaids came from Venus, the Venusian system, but they do exist.

There are mermaids and mermen. Know that they are part of the ocean experience, and that is why it is important for you to clean up the ocean.

There are many who believe that Atlantis is actually rising again, and the beings that are from Atlantis are coming back into play. We will see how that turns out.

You’ll have to ask one of our people [about mermaids]. We’ve told the story of one of our people who believes that she saw a merperson in Hawaii.

She stood on the edge of a rock where the water was down below her, and it was very fine, very easy. And she said, “I want proof” (because we tell people to ask for conscious proof your logical brain can understand).

She asked for conscious proof her brain could understand that she actually did see a merbeing. And right after that, a huge wave came and washed over her and the rock that she was standing on (even though she had been standing there for quite some time and had not had that experience).

Then, what was at her feet was a very large piece of white coral. Is that proof? Maybe, maybe so, maybe not. You be the judge. We believe that it is possible because everything is possible.Adironnda & The Council of Light

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2 thoughts on “Adironnda’s Answers #23

  1. Robert J Scarpa says:

    This is a message I received the second day of September this year :

    Greetings and salutations
    For today is a remarkable day
    It will be a day of great shift
    A shift in weather a shift of Earth
    A shift of humanity into consciousness
    Much is happening in and around your Planet today
    Everything is right on schedule
    The message I have for you is one of Celebration
    Congratulations to one and all for being here to witness the greatest show on Earth
    Much is to be revealed as you have stated Bimini is being rinsed off
    There are much layers of sediment a top of her and Dorian is the force
    the tool as it were needed to uncover her vast treasures
    And as the land rises from the sea Great objects will appear as if placed there intentionally
    As the fabled Atlantis receded into the Oceans
    Markers were left protruding upwards from the earth
    Signals are sent and received via this equipment thus signaling a return to the surface
    As these objects pop up an activation occurs once contact with the air is
    registered at which time additional sequences are booting up within the Mainframe
    As men and equipment rise out of the depths humanity will witness and that will remove all doubt of their fabled existence
    Edgar Cacce described in a vision detailed in his works
    It was a recurring image he expanded upon with each inquisition
    Great excitement and Amazement will be experienced by many
    Knowing what has been described for so long is actually a reality
    These areas need to be protected and nothing should be removed
    Flyovers with drones would be best for sharing what has arisen
    As time lapses a safe harbor will emerge and only then should organized tours occur Great technologies will be recognized and much expansion of knowledge is to take place
    With every passing day Gaia is shedding her old skin revealing a fresh new complexion This is Youthing at its finest

    The messages for you are this: You are whole You are complete
    For each time you go in You will emerge with greater abundance
    Use it wisely
    I am with you always our history is intertwined and can never be separate
    as we all are One

    Know that this is true
    My heart belongs to you



  2. Lisa Schad says:

    I experienced mermaid energy while swimming with wild dolphins with Jan Lemuri as part of the Kryon tour to the Azores last May. He said the dolphins lead us further out into the ocean to experience this. It was my turn to swim, and crew allowed me to put on my mermaid tail, despite the awkwardness with the wet suit and getting in and out of the boat without 2 legs. Although the dolphins went around me, I felt bathed in a powerful and embracing energy and light I could not explain. And I saw in my minds eye one of my SoulCollage cards of the Mermaid Queen. It was only later Jan shared the back story so as not to influence me. Finally, I have found tribe mates to share and confirm these experiences. And to have more!

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