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This week’s featured Q&A comes from the 10/10/2019 Double Digit:

Q: What do you tell someone who’s extremely afraid about death (such as the dying process and what happens after death) when they aren’t spiritual and don’t have an understanding of this (especially someone who is worried they may go to hell or not end up in heaven)? How can we help them transition in a positive way so they aren’t afraid and feel more peace about this?

A: That is a deep question.

You see, you can tell them multiple times, hundreds of times, that there is no hell, there is no punishment, that the afterlife is pure love, about reincarnation and reforming, and getting to choose another body to come back to.

You can tell them all of that, but it is still up to them to accept it.

You can show them all of the televisions shows about angels and crossing but it’s still up to them to accept it. So know that you cannot change them. You can only love them where they are. Hold them as they face the light, and they will then feel that love. And it never hurts to let them know that love is the afterlife.

What we have actually found is that music seems to calm the fears, sing to them, or you can bring in other people to sing to them, or play recordings. Music seems to settle that energy, calm it, and release it because music is universal and music transcends reality. In that capacity, play music, sing to them, and that will help.

Continue to let them know that when they see the Angelic Beings that are bringing them into the afterlife, there is no judgment. There is no judgment day. There’s no big St. Peter at the gate saying, “Well, you’re not good enough. Go that way, no, go in this way.” If there are gates, they open up and you all walk through.

Even though some of them have committed suicide, or murder, or done something horribly wrong by today’s definition, they’re still loved deeply in the afterlife and have the capacity to learn, and evolve to do things differently when they return. And know that you can continually say that to them. Helping them understand that, not trying to convince them, but let the ‘Source of All That Is’ be their guide. And, play music for them. Adironnda & The Council of Light

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