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This week’s featured Q&A comes from the 11/11/2019 Double Digit:

Q: How does a spiritual person speak to a science-minded person? And what do I say when they ask, “What is that based on?”

A: That is a wonderful question.

You see, you cannot ever convince anyone of anything. There was a time when electricity was something that was so completely far-fetched that no one could ever experience the very concept of it, and you still cannot see it. You can only see the results of it, and yet science stepped in and acknowledged it.

There was a time when they believed that the Earth was a cube, and was flat, that there was nothing on the sides, you would roll-off. And yet scientists ventured out, or explorers, people who had a vision of what is possible, ventured out. So, science has caught up with a lot of spirituality. It is now a scientifically proven fact that when you send love to a bottle of water, that it changes the frequency of the water, it’s science.

Thirty years ago, that was not a possibility because science had not evolved to such an extent. Science is always evolving. Sometimes the spiritual growth is a few steps ahead of science, and sometimes science is a few steps ahead of the spiritual growth.

The body, as you know, is an electrical frequency. It’s an electrical vibration. It sends out energy, and science is now measuring that energy and seeing what it is that it can do. So, maybe one scientist does not have that answer, but in the exploration, they are now seeing that with intention only, the human form can change. With intention only, the air around the human form can also change.

It is something that is not defensible, or you can explain it all you want, but some scientists are not ready for the vision of the vast changes that are happening on this planet. It does not matter what dimensional frequency you are in. Science has now proven that there are up to, 13 or 14 dimensions now? So if there are 13 dimensions according to science, there could be more.

At one point, scientists believe that this galaxy, the Milky Way, was it. And then they send out another telescope and found other galaxies. If science is only about what is right here right now, maybe that scientist may not be ready for the vision of change work that we are heading to.

So just smile. Love the scientists where they are, love them and say, “Let’s just watch and see what happens.” And you might bring up a few examples of how science was proving one thing, and the spirituality came in and acknowledged another, and science then caught up and proved that. Understand that it is not for you to defend spirituality, or whether there’s ETs or other galaxies or whether you are Pleiadian. Adironnda & The Council of Light

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