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This week’s featured Q&A comes from the 11/11/2019 Double Digit:

Q: What happens when we die? Will our loved ones and pets be there to help us step over to the other side?

A: That is a wonderful question.

Whenever we have connected with those at the moment of death and those that have crossed over, it has been our experience that they are greeted on the other side with love and light by their loved ones that have crossed (their pets, their dogs, their kitties). They will be there because they served that purpose. It is a wonderful reunion of love.

That is another reason to live that vibrational frequency, to live that energy of all those ones standing up separately and yet joining together to form the seven.

We invite the Master Randy Luna to come back in and acknowledge that energy we have from each lotus. For you see, in 2001, the impossible occurred, lotus flowers, a certain breed of lotus flowers, that had not been on the planet for maybe 1100, 1200 years began blossoming again. We will anoint each of you with oil. Take a deep breath.

The beauty that you are, is united in truth. The beauty that you are, is united in love. The beauty that you are, is united in oneness. The beauty that you are, is united in this dimension. The beauty that you are, allows your communication to be wrapped in love. The beauty that you are, connects the communication with your divine. The beauty that you are, holds your heart in truth, cleansing the depth of you, so you can indeed see that wisdom.

Breathe it in.

This is divine blessing and anointing of that energy and that vibration. We see that energy and that intention to come through with love and light as you forward thinkers are communicating always in truth, in love, in the blessing of this world, in truth, in love, in the blessing of this world with a childlike wisdom to know that it is possible.

One person, two people can make a difference. Every time they are the difference, it is multiplied always. As you breathe into the encodement, you breathe in the lotus. For that, we are grateful for you always. For that, we are honoring you always. You are loved and loving, true and lovable. I bid you Namaste. Adironnda & The Council of Light

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