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Adironnda Answers

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This week’s featured Q&A comes from the 12/12/2019 Double Digit:

Q: Any advice on communicating with our guides?

A: Yes, we have a Channelers Academy starting in January. It is about connecting with your Higher self. Email us for more info on that.

The key to communicating with your guides is to acknowledge the stillness. They are talking with you. You may not be recognizing how they are communicating and you may think that is supposed to be a certain way. Try to have one day of stillness a month, or even a week would be better. One day where you did not speak, you did not have any electrical equipment, you just sat and were still… that is a beginning of connection.

Your guides are indeed communicating. But they’re not communicating from the outside in any longer. They are communicating from the inside out. Finding that new way that they are being experienced. It is very powerful, and they are actually coming in their acknowledgment closer for you.

However, it is a change from the way it was even six months ago. If you’re still trying to connect, that is the problem, trying to connect causes a riff in the frequency. Instead, just know that you are connecting, and have pen and paper handy or recorder handy to bring forth that energy. It is not about pushing the energy, it is about relaxing into the stillness of your soul.Adironnda & The Council of Light

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