Adironnda’s Answers #9

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Adironnda’s Answers #9

Adironnda & The Council of Light loves answering all your delightful questions on our monthly Double Digit Activation & State of the Universe webcast and sharing the best of the bunch with you each week.

Featured Question

This week’s featured Q&A comes from the 7/7/2019 Double Digit:

Q: Some of the astrology is negative this month of July with the eclipse and Mercury retrograde. Are there new energies? In the new energies, does this really matter or are people holding on to the past?

A: “Lovely, lovely Divine Being of Light. You can let the Mercury retrograde affect you as much or as little as you want. The more energy you give it, the more it will affect you.

Astrology is a guide-way. It is a point of interpretation. You can talk to five different astrologers and they’ll have five different interpretations of what is happening.

Hold the positive. It’s not that astrology is a part of an old energy. We know that there are many astrologers who are listening to this broadcast. We believe that there’s nothing that is negative. That is a double negative so that means it’s a positive.

You see, in that energy, the focus is about moving forward. You know that if you give something energy, it will get bigger. So, if you read an astrology report and you think, ‘Oh, my goodness. This is happening on the 4th. This is happening on the 20th. This is happening here.’ And everything is going into craziness, and you’ve got the eclipses and the light and the dark and the moon… that gives that energy.

Instead, embrace that energy, embrace what appears to be negative. And know that ultimately, it is positive. Embrace the transformation of the planets.

No one ever heard about Mercury retrograde 30 or 40 years ago. It wasn’t until technology came in that they started blaming it. So, stop it. You see, the more energy you give something, the bigger it will get.

Just always be ready with plan B because everything is changing. Even astrology is changing. You know that the Earth has shifted 41 miles off its axis, so that means all of the astrological signs have shifted. So, whose energy are you basing that on?

Live your life, be present with yourself, take the next step, and say yes to what presents. And try your best not to get caught up in the negativity and the fear that others will ask you to get caught up in. Instead, feel the positive outcome in your cells, in your soul.

That is why we Awaken the Super Human that is within you… so you can.Adironnda & The Council of Light

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2 thoughts on “Adironnda’s Answers #9

  1. Karen says:

    The signs have not shifted.

    I agree with everything else. There is more to Mercury Retrograde…some positive even. But the bottom line is that we determine our lives.

  2. Joan Jaggernauth says:

    This message is profound!
    For all the right reasons, this resonates with me completely. I spent fifteen minutes calming down a client before a healing session because of this very issue.
    She arrived quite fraught with worry re the astrology and card readings she received. I insisted that the mre she fed this, the more effect it would exude over her. Thank you for this clarity and brevity. I will be using this advice with everyone now.

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