Healing with Divine Source [#73]

Healing with Divine Source

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This week’s featured Q&A comes from the 10/10/2020 Double Digit:

Q: When healing on a public level, can you share ways to return my energy to me and return the other person’s energy to them at the close of the session?

Channeled from Adironnda through Marilyn Harper:

A: Dearest, well that is a good question. When you say healing on a more public level, we want to ensure that you are getting permission. Working in a private session or working in a session where both parties agree. So we’ll accept that that is the premise with which you are asking this question. We know, “The Vessel, Marilyn, does work with Holographic Healing. An energy technique that helps fold that energy into holding the Source of all that is—and directing a person’s energy back within them.

You need to realize that you no longer have to feel others’ pain in the very beginning. That if you are empathic, you can set your intention to have your guides tap on your energy field wherever you need to work, and you do not have to bring their energy into your personal field. You should not ever need to do that at all. When you are working on someone and close the session, the key is to set the intention that when the session is over, all energies are cleared.

You are not sharing your energy with someone else, and they are not sharing their energy with you. You are not taking your clients’ energy, and they are not taking your energy. That each of your energies is entirely separate and that you are working to align the body, or align the Human’s internal mechanism. But you do not give them your energy; you are holding the space for the energy of Source to come through and do the healing practice.

You are holding the space for their energy to come through and realign. And remind their body what it felt like to be in total alignment. You are not giving them your energy, and they are not giving you their energy. So there should be no need to have that cutting of the cords at the end of a session. However, if it feels like you may be picking something up or they are picking something up from you that is not in their highest good, then set the intention at the beginning of the session that all energy healing comes from their Divine guidance in alignment.

You, dearest, are not the healer; the person who receives the energy is the healer. You are simply the facilitator; you are the practitioner. Do you see what we say? We teach this in Holographic Healing; that is what “The Vessel” Marilyn teaches is how to keep that energy flowing within them from the Divine Source because the body wants to be in alignment. The body has that desire, and it is about helping them find that place of alignment. Or indeed realignment with them once again.

So keep in mind if you are coming away from a session and still have their energy all over you, then you get the opportunity to set that intention right in the beginning. When you ever hear us (sometimes when we have a guest, we don’t do the clearing and sealing of the space), but if you ever watch “The Vessel” Marilyn on stage, she’s doing that. We deliberately clear and seal the energy; we ask that all happens for your highest good and that her energy is stepped aside. And that is the intention of the frequency there.

So set the intention initially and do not give your energy or take energy from someone else; that is not healing. The person you are working with is the healer, and you are the re-aligner or the guide of that energy. —Adironnda & The Council of Light


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