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This week’s featured Q&A comes from the 4/4/2020 Double Digit:

Q: I feel exhausted after coming into contact with negative energies, how can I better shield myself from other people’s energies?

A: This is a good time for this question, dearest. Now is the perfect time to [energetically] install the “triple bubble of protection.” Firstly, to create the triple bubble of protection, you take a deep breath and breathe in from your feet. Secondly have that breath come out of your crown; however, you want to build it. We can tell you how, or you can create it yourself and ask that other people’s energy does not penetrate the triple bubble of protection. You will not feel other people’s pain, fear, anxiety, tiredness, or sickness. You only feel your own.

Therefore if you are still feeling tired and exhausted, pay attention to it and go rest because the planet is in a state of transformation. The sensitive people of the Earth are feeling it a bit more intensely. That does not mean that you have to bring that energy into your energy field. If you feel it, reflect with love and move forward. You can choose whether to bring it into your energy field or not.

If the triple bubble of protection does not work for you, try this alternative visualization. In your mind’s eye, stack two crystalline pyramids on top of each other to form an octahedron [bases touching]. Place yourself in the center and ask that negative energies emerging from others hit the side of that pyramid, slide up to the top, and be transmuted [back into light] through the violet flame of St. Germain… or whichever Master you choose.

Most importantly, remember dearest, you are in control. The impacts of the world may stress you, yet you are still in control. Nothing is happening to you that you are not choosing to experience. Therefore it is you taking 100% responsibility for how you respond to everything.

It may be the response of those people not understanding. And even more may not get it. If they’re only thinking of the negative [aspects] so that you call them less frequently. Maybe now is your opportunity to tell them why you’re calling them less often… because you are trying your best to keep positive. After all, positivity will win out every time if you allow it. That energy magnetizes more positivity to you, and that is what you are doing.Adironnda & The Council of Light

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