Stone Beings [#72]

Stone Beings

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This week’s featured Q&A comes from the 10/10/2020 Double Digit:

Q: How are stone beings related to us, to Gaia, and our mission of planetary transmutation?

Channeled from Marilyn Harper:

A: Dearest, well the stone beings (and there’s not very many of them around), it is our understanding when we have connected with the stone beings and the descendants of those stone beings; indeed, they are from the Earth. They are the descendants of the beings that created the Earth that built upon it in the beginning. And with that energy, there is a very unusual frequency.

The stone beings, they’re not what we would call stone people, but they are beings. And they’re descendants. Every great once in a while, you will run across someone whose energy is so different, it’s so unusual. Then we would say, “Look deep in their eyes and ask, are they a stone being?” And when you are around magnificent stones (actual physical stones, not beings), in those physical stones you will see the beings that live in the stones come to the surface and look at you.

We have experienced that in this Dimension. And some in our groups have experienced that. Those beings who have chosen to evolve into a Human form are also working with the Earth’s healing and working with this Planet Earth’s protection action. And they are a part of the descendants of the stone beings. Their energy is historically very heavy. I know that that may seem trite, but it is not. It is a fact. Their energy is heavy, not heavy dark or heavy light, just a heaviness. Not that they’re physically heavy, but their energy when you’re around them is heavy. You feel the weight of the stone beings that they are.

We have encountered maybe five or six in 20 years of our residency on this Planet through “The Vessel,” Marilyn. Even though there are very few, they are wondrous protectors of this planet. And most of them are still living in the stones themselves, not have chosen to be incarnated into a Human form. Those incarnated into a Human form are thinking, “Maybe that wasn’t such a great idea right now.” However, as you are honoring the stone beings, you will learn more and more about them.

We would ask you to go to some sacred stones in your area if you have them, place your hands on them, connect to the beings in the stone, and see if they will indeed come to the surface and communicate with you. It is quite powerful, their energy, as they are willing to communicate with you. We do not recommend going into the stone with them if invited. Because when you come back, you can be very, very disoriented… and that’s not necessarily the best option for your life right now. You can communicate with them from the outside if you choose. And if they choose to communicate with you, know that it is not often and not common.—Adironnda & The Council of Light


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