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This week’s featured Q&A comes from the 8/8/2020 Double Digit:

Q: What is the best way to promote unity consciousness when light beings still use terms like spiritual hierarchy and the celestial hierarchy of angels?

A: We cannot answer for everyone. We know it may surprise you that we are not everyone. We are just us. However, we do bring a Council of Light with us, which is the same light that you possess. That is why when someone says to us, “We have to communicate with the spirit hierarchy before we get the opportunity to know,” that is their truth and their reality. And we are not one that can judge that. They must find their truth for themselves. And if that works for them, then yippee it works for them.

What we can say is that for us, we believe in the new evolution of this time. There is no separate class, no separate hierarchy, and no angelic realm that is any different from yours. Now, that being said, some beings are Beings of Light that have the same DNA that you do. Only they have studied more; they’ve evolved more; they’ve gone beyond and can teach others. But that doesn’t mean that they should be held in lofty alignment above another. There is no longer above or below, or that is what we are working on, at least.

When you have that separation, it is only about learning, and in some aspects, you have a teacher, and you have a student, and those two change places all of the time, sometimes the student teaches the teacher, yes. So, as that comes through, you get the opportunity to see your sense, what is true for you. And as individuals still use the terms that they may have been using for a very long time, that seems to create separation. We hope that it is not their intent. They just haven’t found the right balance to replace that with or that maybe their truth, and we honor them for that because we do not wish to pass judgment upon them.

If that works for people and that is what they need, then yipee more power to them. If that does not work for you, follow your guidance. And that is the key not to give your power away. And know that you may go to teachers and receive what they have already found out. But there comes a time when you may surpass your teachers, and then you become a teacher, and your students will surpass you. For you see, that is the state of evolution; we are all here learning from each other.

So you may get the opportunity to choose a different teacher and not giving your power away to someone else that is supposedly bigger than you. Then, you move on and see the power within you, know that you are that source, you are that frequency, you are that flow, you are that connection. And you are that activity that is in the boat acknowledging that divine flow.Adironnda & The Council of Light

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