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Vibrational Frequency

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This week’s featured Q&A comes from the 10/10/2020 Double Digit:

Q: Can ayahuasca tea give you a spiritual experience, or is it just a hallucinogenic drug?

Channeled from Marilyn Harper:

A: Good question. Ayahuasca is plant medicine. In the past, it was needed to raise humans’ vibrational frequency so they would carry that vision. It is our information that that is old energy now, that you do not need ayahuasca to have the visions that are yours to have. So whether it is just a hallucinogenic drug, we do not know; we cannot say that because we have not experienced it.

However, it does lower the vibration instead of raising the vibration now. It does put the soul or put a person’s energy at risk because they may lose part of themselves that is valuable, and we don’t believe that any portion of yourself is to be lost. It all can be put to use to learn and grow. And we believe that in the energy now that it is not necessary to have ayahuasca to raise the vibration to the frequency for your visions, we would recommend doing it without any external plant medicine.—Adironnda & The Council of Light


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