Working in Sync with the Universe [#47]

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This week’s featured Q&A comes from the 2/2/2020 Double Digit:

Q: How do I work more in sync with the universe when providing service as an energy healing practitioner.

A: Understand in this intensity of time, this quickening, you, as a healing practitioner, are moving into the new realms. You are opening the chapter that has no writing. There’s nothing there, and then when you look to see, “Well, what did you do last time?” Those chapters have disintegrated.

And so you are indeed on the precipice. You are on the pinpoint where there is no foundation. That is why we say, “Hang on to those twos because they’ve got a good foundation.” So, as you’re on that pinpoint, know that the answers are within you.

Yes, the answers are within you. You can also ask to have people brought to you that you will resonate the most with and who will provide information that you can use. When you stay in that divine flow, everybody you come in contact with is a part of your movie, your comedy.

When you set the intention to stay in that flow and encounter people that will be significant, the universe will start rearranging itself to accommodate that. It seems nearly impossible for the world to reposition itself. To adjust your reality and someone else’s reality, yet it still will. It is flowing all the time to bring precisely what you need for your evolution.

That is that infinitesimal energy. So know that it does start with stillness, and if we were to suggest anything to you in dealing with the quickening, we say, “Expand your stillness time.”

The vessel and the Joeaux have nearly demanded of themselves that they get up early enough to meditate and write. They go into the stillness and center their energy and feel the Harmony of the universe before they ever move anywhere else.

That is creating strength; this is important during this time—standing strong in that joy and standing firm in your requests. The healing energy is also changing. We show you how to acknowledge those changes in Holographic Healing.

We teach you how to go into that flow and let go of attachment to the outcome because the outcome is not your responsibility. So know that things are moving in new and different ways and so are you.

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