Advice from the Northern Lights

Amazing Alaska Trip

Hi everyone. I have been thinking about our amazing trip to Alaska. It wasn’t what we expected, as life never is, it was so massive and so energetic, so crystal and the energy was wondrous. And the messages from Adironnda were amazing they are on our website you can listen to them they’re really powerful.

Advice from the Northern Lights

I have this flyer about the Northern Lights. I would like to read it to you and give you my perspective. It says, “Advice from the Northern Lights show your true colors, glow with excitement, keep looking up, have a magnificent personality, get a charge out of life, and stay full of wonder and lighten up.”

Glow with Excitement

Now how can it be expanded in your life? Glow with excitement. What does that even mean? That means that all your little life particles in your body, in your self, in your energy are radiating with excitement about being here on this planet. How cool is that? You know, lighten up. I mean, hello, we are our magnificent selves. We are here on this planet for a reason. We are connected and connecting to ourselves and everything else around us, like the NorthernLights.

Expansiveness of Who You Are

So I just wanted to share a little advice from the Northern Lights in our weekly message. You know, whenever you look up at the sky, you feel the expansiveness of who you are. And in that expansiveness, you accelerate the energy of the Pleiades, the Arcturians, the Vegans, or Vegans, not to be confused with the eating thing, but Andromeda, all of the galaxies we sense that they’re all out there. And the Northern Lights are generated from our Sun. It’s like, how does that happen? When you’re standing in them, you feel the electrical frequency of that connection. So, I just wanted to bring you a little advice from the Northern Lights. Love you.

Namaste, ya’ll. Namaste

Have you ever felt the electrical frequency connection when looking at the Northern Lights? If so, please share with a comment below. We love hearing your feedback and stories!


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