All About the Selenite Swords of Light

selenite swords of light

Considering a Selenite Sword of Light?

This is one of the easiest to intuit, simplest to use, single healing crystal tool that we have ever encountered.

In fact, it is a powerful answer for healers who have found themselves blocked when it comes to using healing tools. For this single reason, it is also a powerful answer for healers that easily pick up and apply tools. We feel it is an indispensable addition to any energy healers practice.

This video, 3 Blockages that STOP Healing Practitioners from Using Healing Tools, is all about WHY and WHAT the Selenite Sword is all about.

Watch this video to learn more about these Healing Swords.


  • (Immediately) Marilyn, Tom, and I discuss the 3 blockages
  • (1:01:14) We slip in a special once in a lifetime offer*
  • (1:13:10)Then we go back to a LIVE Q&A with GREAT question

To see if the special offer is still available (by the time you are watching this) go to:

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8 thoughts on “All About the Selenite Swords of Light

  1. Joy Herr says:

    I would like to purchase a selenite sword. In Melbourne, Fl. I was drawn to Marilyn and to Sword “H”, the smallest (my hands are small), with a Lemurian crystal. Still available? Otherwise, one intuited for me. I will be attending training in May in Colorado.

  2. Marilyn Harper says:

    Hi Richard and Judy, GREAT to hear from you. Where in the world have you gotten off to? I think about you often and what fun we had in Branson as well as in Crestone, Colorado. You two are an inspiration to us all! Blessings, Marilyn

  3. Kat Lorimor says:

    Thank you All for sharing your love and knowledge! I was moved to dance with my imaginary swords and to vocalize as I swayed and moved, it felt familiar, lol! I wish I was going to the 3 days, I just thought about how one’s body and energy would be affected during the course of ‘exposure’, That in and of itself is Priceless!!!!!!
    I love that Maricah (sp?) will be there too!!! Such an impish quality! Thank you especially to Joeaux for Keeping Marilyn Going!!!!!! You are a True Gem! Love Kat

  4. Jennifer Crowley says:

    I am so sorry to miss the April 6th play-workshop!!!
    Sending so much Love & Gratitude,
    Jen Crowley

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