Amplifying Your High Heart

Amplifying Your High Heart

Radiant Heart Pendant

I don’t know if you’ve noticed in the last few weeks that I have been missing something in my usual attire. I mean, no, it’s not a new haircut. No, it’s not a new eye color. They’re the same eye color that always was. I’m actually missing my radiant heart pendant.

We had a run on radiant heart pendants a couple of weeks ago, and we ran out. We have them all specially made, and our shipment didn’t come in. And it should be there now, but I actually sold mine. I sold Joeaux’s too. So some lucky person out there has my pendant, and somebody special has Joeaux’s pendant.

I noticed that when I wasn’t wearing it, I was very conscious of the disconnection between my heart and my communication center: the throat.

Divine Connection

The high heart is right where I wear the radiant heart pendant. I know I tell people that it makes a difference when they wear it because it really does. Not having it every day, I feel like it’s amazing when we think of what the high heart means. It is a Divine connection with our communication and our compassion.

So, as we are connecting our communication center, some people believe that is our courage center. Then our heart center is compassion and love. Between the two, it is understanding that in compassionate love, sometimes you get the courage to express. That’s what amplifying your high heart does. The radiant heart does that, plus other things.

Amplify your High Heart

Keep in mind that we may think of balancing our chakras (our root chakra, our sacral shocker, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and ) whenever you are out and about or in meditation. And sometimes, we leave out our high heart.

That’s what I would like to remind you of today, to be aware of when your high heart is tingling, feeling warm, or connected. That also is right over your immune system. So be aware of that as well. And maybe you need to send it a little extra energy this week. So that’s my message for this week, help amplify your high heart and just love it a bit. Namaste y’all.