An Adventurer in Consciousness

An Adventurer in Consciousness

Aspects of Yourself

Well, hello there. I wanted to read you something from the Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential book by Michael Bernard Beckwith. It’s a book that I’m reading ten pages a day right now. It says, “You are an adventurer in consciousness. Just as we meet different aspects of ourself when we travel to a country or a state that is new to us, so do we discover different dimensions of ourself when we enter new terrain within consciousness.”

Joeaux and I take groups all over the world. In fact, we’re planning a trip to Greece next September. September 10th through the 23rd, so mark that on your calendar. We hope to get it up soon. We go to Mount Ida to dig crystals, Bimini, and we go several other places. It’s like you pick up an aspect of yourself when you go there, but this is a little different.

“Declare that you are an adventurer in consciousness, traversing this three-dimensional realm,” or earth dimensional realm, no matter what dimension the earth is in, “to behold the wonders of creation. Do you delay or deny good in your life because you believe that there is an outer condition that must change first?” An adventurer in consciousness is quite an interesting thought. So we know what consciousness is; it’s the awareness that we have in the world around us and within us. I talked a few weeks ago about involution versus evolution, and this would be involution. But, still, it’s also evolution because consciousness is the awareness of what is around us.

Adventurer Within You

So if you are an adventurer in that consciousness and you know that traveling to different wonderful places helps you pick up an aspect of yourself, then it only stands the reason that it will help you pick up an aspect of others. It will also help you honor others or stay in the contention of others or keep the fulfillment of the adventurer within you. So with that information, I think that what we’re doing here is we are awakening, and we’re awakening to the consciousness of us.

The other day in our Channeler’s Academy, someone asked these questions. Can you only work on yourself, and you’re not allowed to work on anybody else? And, according to other people, we’re a lighthouse meant to shine our light on situations but not meant to interfere with them?

Then there’s another school of thought that says, get on out and do the work yourself. When you take a sentence from a channel or a messenger, there may be a whole contextual information that surrounds it. Yes, you can truly only make changes within yourself. And you become an adventurer in your own consciousness. As a Light Plurker, you play + work = Plurk and are also here to shine the light on that which is not in integrity.

Peaceful Change in the World

Shine the light on human trafficking, slavery, and the horrible things that people have done to other people, which people have done to other humans. So we are also here as a light plurker to be the peaceful change in the world and be proactive with that peaceful change in the world, to get off of your sofa and help people understand that, yes, you are the light, and you will shine the light. Namaste y’all. Namaste.

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