An Event Like No Other

2016 Visionaries in Light Participants

We are told all of the time that our convergence is different than any conference that anybody has ever experienced.

We just wanna tell you why.

We Encourage the Tree-shakers

Maybe that’s why we call it a convergence and we don’t call it a conference because it is very different. I mean, we have speakers, but it’s done in such a way that you, the participant, are really the star of the show.

And we kick it off with an amazing pre-event. This year it’s called “Heart Beat of Peace.” And, considering that we are also participating in the Cree Nation Sundance Ceremony – we believe we are tied into something very powerful, Universally, that we get to share with you.

It’s on September 21st, in Denver, the day before the Visionaries in Light Convergence begins. We are actually creating, each person that attends will create a Native American drum with their own hands to ignite or invoke sort of an international message of peace. And then at the end of the convergence, we’re actually going to play those drums, reverberating peace out on the planet. I bet you don’t do that at any other conference.


Since 2011…

Marilyn Harper and Joeaux Robey have been gathering Visionaries who, in a very unique way, are pushing humanity forward. Often, it’s an approach that may not even have a language yet! It’s an inner-active experience in sharing wisdom, healing the planet, grabbing soul family hugs, expressing gratitude, and expanding the possibilities for humanity.

Breaking Through

We are also going to break a world record. We’re calling it “Breaking an Evolutionary World Record.” We’re not gonna tell you what it is, but we have something very special in mind that I know no one on the planet has ever done before.

Meet Marilyn and Joeaux in this video, the coproducers of the Convergence!
Watch this video to hear what makes the convergence so different.

“This was the most dynamic and impactful conference/workshop I have ever attended! (And I go to a lot of them.)” ~ 2016 Participant


We Showcase the Change-Makers

Peter May, one of seven – 2017 Visionaries in Light Keynotes

The Visionaries in Light Convergence takes place Sept. 21, 22-24, 2017 in Denver, Colorado. We bring to the stage those individuals who have truly made a difference in the world in a way that may not have been either popular or easy. But, because of them we are seeing more and more people speak about things like “life on other planets”, “other Dimensions”, and “how to truly tap into your innate abilities.”

We Gather the Like-Minded

2017-VILC-OBOYLE-Postcard2 (1)
Bonnie O’Boyle is one of 13 Neo-activist speakers that will ignite your vision!

The Convergence packs 33 hours or, 2760 minutes of possibilities for rubbing-elbows, sprouting ideas, blossoming or rekindling friendship, activating, laughing, dancing, and illuminating.

Depending upon final registration numbers, we create 22 brand-new-people-pods. This process introduces you to your soul-family! You’ll connect with people just like you. Enjoy dinner on us, Saturday evening, to celebrate your pod!

This is a rather intimate event, all things considered. While we have big name speakers (Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith in 2016 & Mike Dooley (a.k.a. “the Universe in 2017)we have only 222 seats available! You get to meet our speakers face-to-face as we encourage them to join in on all of the fun! Our speakers love our participants so much that they ASK to come back and speak again.
See our Speaker line-up for 2017 >

We Are All Channels

Marilyn is a specific kind of channel. There are many types of channels. We like to honor the fact that everyone is a channel. So, we have two channel panels through the three days of the convergence, and you get to star in one of them if you choose.

It’s gonna be exciting.


We Encourage Everyone to BE the Change

Be the Change Winners
Marilyn and Joeaux with the 3 finalists of the 2016 Be the Change Video Contest… these 3 will be speakers at the 2017 Convergence.

Included are a variety of daily classes, up close and personal with speakers who share their personal processes to assist YOU in achieving YOUR vision.

We even have a video contest (watch for details) where everyone has an equal chance to showcase the vision across FaceBook. Then, three winners are actually selected by their FaceBook peers and presented on stage. Our Visionaries in Light attending the Convergence get to choose the final winner – and the winner walks away with a “big stack of cash.”

Marilyn and Joeaux share personally “why this is an event like no other” in the video above. Be sure to watch it!

Our Keynotes are the “Icing on the Cake”

We have really profound, inspirational, and funny speakers, of course. Marilyn Harper is our co-host along with Joeaux, and Adironnda is present the entire time.

Well, we have lots of speakers. We have over a dozen.

But we have one speaker in particular that we’ve brought in especially for you to be able to meet, and his name is Mike Dooley “The Universe.” And if you don’t know who he is, Google him.

Can you imagine what it’s like to have “The Universe” speaking directly to you? We can’t wait!

We Shoot Your Vision “the Juice”

2021 Come as you are
2016 Convergence Participant getting “the juice” to her vision.

So, excited! We’re going to have a “Come as you are in 2022” dinner and concert. It’s a party. It’s like, you know when you hold the vision of what you are creating in your life, and really get into that energy, we just shoot it “the juice”. And that’s one of the things that makes this convergence different is we are here for you to create your vision of where you wanna be in five years, and we have a big celebratory party to express that.

When two or more are gathered, everything gets amplified. Imagine what can happen when hundreds of like-minded people come together specifically to raise up the vision of one another! Wahoooo. It’s truly effective and wonderful!

And… there’s just so much more! It truly is an experience… “like no other.”


Have you attended? Please leave a comment below of your experience. Let’s keep building the field around this event so that the world of tree-shakers, and change makers, and like-minded, really do inherit the Earth, Divinely speaking of course!

Namasté Y’all!

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Be sure to leave a comment below! We love to hear from y’all.


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