An Interesting Interpretation of Relationships

An Interesting Interpretation of Relationships

Universal Nudge

As you know, I’ve been doing private sessions again. It has been an adventure, and it takes me back to a few years ago when we were traveling, and I used to do private sessions, and then, you know, life nudged me to stop for a time. And it nudged me to begin again. One of the things that I get asked a great deal is where is my soulmate or where is my twin flame, or where is my sweetheart?

There’s a plethora of single women and men out there in the world that are spirit spiritually awake and searching for each other. And sometimes, I want to have a big gathering of all the single spiritual people in the world, so they can find each other and have them all in one spot and play games. So, I don’t know; we’ll see what happens with that idea.

I’ve read The Queens Code by Alison A. Armstrong, an excellent book about male-female relationships and how they are different. I’ve read Calling in “the One,” a great book by Katherine Woodward Thomas. She also wrote Conscious Uncoupling; both are good books. Adironnda says, in 2022, you get to be the person you want to be in a relationship with.

Looking Inward

Now, what does that mean? If I want to be in a relationship with someone loving, adoring, compassionate, living a great fulfilled life, living awake or awakening that understands me and can laugh and play and cry and talk and watch movies. I like to watch movies and do nothing together in the same room. That may be the kind of person you are looking for, or you can make your list.

What you want to do is to be that person yourself. Are you gratefully filled, living in peace, and fun to be around? Are you able to laugh, cry, talk, share equally as you would want someone else to do? Do nothing together in the same room if that’s important to you, or build something together.

Suppose that’s important to you. Look at the things within yourself that are important to you to have in a relationship, and then turn the mirror up, ten times magnification or more. Are you that same person, compassionate, or are you a complainer and negative? Are you not able to get things done or accomplished?

Matching Energies

So, that’s the kind of person you’re going to attract. The Universe will match that energy. You know, Adironnda says that everyone is your soulmate and that there’s no such thing as a twin flame. A twin is the same flame that’s completing you, which doesn’t exist, or a twin flame that’s the same as you and that doesn’t exist.

So how are you the kind of person you would like to be in a relationship with and then get out of the house? Go places where people are and turn up the volume of your energy. Go to a meditation group, a healing group, a Reiki sharing group, a spiritual center, a metaphysical fair, the grocery store, and communicate. Practice being the kind of person you want to be in a relationship with.

Releasing Old Patterns

Now, if you’re already in a relationship, congratulations; if that relationship is not quite what you might like it to be, I get that. Are you the kind of person you would like to be in that relationship with, or are you pointing you to this, and you did that? Every time you point, you did this, or you’re doing this, you have three fingers pointing back at you. And so that is your energy created.

When we let go of all those old patterns, the people around us stop behaving the way they were. Because they reflected something within us that we either still need to learn or were asking for on a subconscious level. So are you the kind of person you want to be in a relationship with?

That’s up to you to figure out. I love you.

Namaste, y’all. Namaste.


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