Anchoring in the Positive

anchoring in the positive

Anchoring in the Positive

Hey, it’s Joeaux. How are you doing?

Marilyn always used to say to me, “Anchor that in. Anchor that feeling in.” And I never really knew what she meant. And then one day I realized… oh, it’s like anchoring in the positive.

The Happy Dance

Do you know that there’s a reason Snoopy does that happy dance when things go right? You know what I mean… how he puts his hand around, and does this little wiggle after things go really well for him.

Well there’s a reason why. You see, our brains are set up for fight or flight. That is the 3rd Dimension. And we are going into the 5th Dimension (the Quantum space), where we understand that we fully manifest, we fully create, everything in our world.

So why would we not want to create anything that is other than extremely positive, and extremely what we want in life? Right?!

Complements vs. Criticism

Well I realized, that if somebody says like nine things to you that are really, really positive and then they say one thing to you that might be criticism (even if it’s constructive), we tend to hang onto that one piece of criticism. Right? Even though nine other things were really, really positive.

Then, what we’re actually doing on that one negative thing, is we’re anchoring it in… because we’re putting so much time and thought into that one negative thing.

Celebrate Your Wins

And I realized, why don’t we do this with the positive?

Every time something really, really great happens to us… celebrate it! Even if you just take a moment, to take a deep breath, and feel. Feel how good it feels to get paid a compliment, or be told that you’re doing something right. Or, to manifest EXACTLY what you want!

Start Anchoring In the Positive

That is the new anchoring it in. That’s anchoring in the positive. Do you do that? Because I had to really train myself to do that. Once I started doing that though, WATCH OUT! I could not believe the things that started appearing in my life.

So let’s do this together. Let’s spread the anchor in the positive [message]. Just think Snoopy. Think happy dance. And start anchoring in the positive into your life, if you’re not already doing it.

And if you ARE doing it, share in the comments below how it works for you. We love to hear your comments.

Namaste y’all, namaste.


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