Angelic Crystals

Angelic Crystals

Unique Crystals

I found a fantastic crystal on one of my trips to Mount Ida, Arkansas. It has a spot that fits right into your thumb. Like a thumb holder. How cool is that? It also has a shape inside of it that looks like the Archangel Gabriel with his trumpet. And in the light, it reflects a rainbow. Whenever you put your thumb in the thumb holder, it holds it at just the right angle. You can see the outline of Archangel Gabriel inside the crystal.

Memories of Planet Earth

Crystals carry the memories of the planet Earth, and as they do, they hold that frequency. The crystals in Mount Ida were harvested for crystal radios many years ago. I found my crystal in a store, but it came from the land that we dig on. That is very cool. I love the shape of the Archangel Gabriel in my crystal. You know, those angelic beings are everywhere. See what yours are or see where yours are. They’re everywhere. Woohoo. Namaste, y’all. Namaste.

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