April 2015 Auspicious Endings & New Beginnings

Dearest One,

The 4/4/2015 Double Digit is a wonderful energy.


When you add that up—4 plus 4; and 2 plus 1 plus 5—and you have a double 8, which is a very auspicious time, meaning it is ready to spring forward.

To put it another way, when you add all the numbers together—4 plus 4 plus 2 plus 1 plus 5, that is equal to 16, which is a 7—1 plus 6 equals 7.

Seven is the most spiritual of all numbers. It is the biblical cycle of endings.
You’ve got the 7-year itch, a 7-year cycle, 7 years of famine, 7 years of wealth, and so on.

On the 4/4 we are bringing in the ascended masters. I’m told we might have ISIS, Mother Mary or both with us, which are completely opposite in their energies and could prove to be very interesting. ISIS has never spoken on a Double Digit before and I recall that Mother Mary has spoken on the last several 4/4 Double Digits.

I wonder which it will be…

They are going to assist in ending all cycles that no longer serve and then amplifying the beginning of your spiritual energy, your spiritual gifts, your spiritual talents, your spiritual awakening.

Want to find out who?

See you on the 4/4.




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2 thoughts on “April 2015 Auspicious Endings & New Beginnings

  1. Joeaux Robey says:

    Hi Jessie – I just saw this email. Unfortunately, we don’t have downloads (after the fact). When you subscribe for the year, though, you get access to all of the recordings. Let me know if I can get you signed -up. The 6/6 Double Digit is coming up.

    Hugs – Joeaux

  2. Jessie Newburn says:

    Is it possible to purchase/download/listen to just the 4-4 recording or does one need to purchase the year to listen in? LMK. Thanks!

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