Are You Letting Your Antenna Show?

Are you Letting Your Antenna Show?

Are You Letting Your Antenna Show?

Is your antenna showing? Mine is. Let’s see, it’s on this side. My antenna is showing. I’m not sure why I always seem to have this “plook!” I say it’s my antenna, because I do let people see exactly who I am most of the time. Probably Joeaux sees more of who I am than anybody else. She even sees my backside sometimes, which, is a sight to behold. But, are you letting your antenna show?

Letting Yourself Be Seen

Are you letting yourself REALLY be seen? For you see, to really be seen, that means you’re not hiding anything. You’re learning how to explain every belief, every idea, every experience in your life in a way that somebody else can understand it, that may
not have your beliefs.

Explaining Your Beliefs

Last month I was on a show that said, “Align with God.” And it was a show that may not know much about channeling, or extraterrestrials, or beings from the 17th Dimension…we didn’t even get into that. But I still had to learn how to explain myself and my beliefs to that audience. Do you?

Being Authentic

Adironnda always says that we get the opportunity to be 110% authentic, 24/7! And that when our backside is showing, we
just go on with that; and when our front side is showing, then we go on with that, as well. It’s about being real. It is about being genuine. It is about being in integrity with your soul. Sounds pretty serious huh!

Soul Integrity

What does it mean to you to be in the integrity of your soul? What does that definition mean? Put it in the Comments line. I’ll look at them, I promise. It may not be for a few days, but I will look at them and respond.

You see, that definition has to be a personal definition. It has to be something that is right for that person, at that time, in that space. “I gotta be me.” That’s what Joeaux sang at the Convergence…I got to be me…she sounded a little different than I do, but she still has to be her, as I do. But first, I get to discover what that even means, as do you. I gotta be me. 24/7.

Namaste, y’all, namaste.

Does your antenna show? We’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment in the box below.


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6 thoughts on “Are You Letting Your Antenna Show?

  1. rod steele says:

    To me it means being my Authentic Self-finding and exploring new ways of being my true self and in that exploration and playful discovery there is expansion and growth: challenge and uncertainty:and knowing that throughout this experience as me there is love within and everywhere.

  2. ralph says:

    Regarding being me. I is my fulharted intention to remember me by letting god be, I am experiencing it as a natural proces that cannot be explained, it is unfolding very subtle and sometimes suprising but how to define.
    How do one explaine ore identify a divine inprint ore soul purpose that manifests itself so natural that it is not noticed in the moment while having the feeling at the same time it is getting stronger.
    I have the idea that I do not know my true self but I have peace with that.

  3. Nomi Shmerling says:

    Oh sweet Marilyn how on point are you on this magnificent 1/11 day I am viewing this video. I recieved a very empowering vision from my guides, and a very sobering reality that I have not been speaking my truth out of a very deep ancient fear that has bothered me from life to life. After a great meditation, and energy healing session, I am seeing with new eyes, the barriers that I have allowed to weigh me down. But on this day I declare NO MORE! The lionnesss in me is risen and she is fiercely ready to face every impediment that stands in my way from being who I am in this moment. Because the time is now and we are here to change the world. She is fiercely ready to face every impediment that stands in my way from being who I am in this moment. Because the time is now and we are here to change the world

  4. Jennie says:

    Living in integrity with my soul means, for me, experiencing the ultimate level of truth, vulnerability and power that is within me. It is worth the courage it takes and the risk it seems to be. When I imagine myself living in, and from, that state I feel deep peace and profound joy. Here we go!

  5. Christine says:

    You know, I don’t know what it really means to be me. Even as a little girl, I had no idea what I liked. I wanted to know what I liked and disliked, but I couldn’t feel. I am learning to embrace and love myself now. I feel that living in integrity with my truest, deepest self would mean allowing myself to just be.. which is not easy for me. But I will keep working on it.

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