Bargain Box of Possibilities

Bargain Box of Possibilities

Shifting Consciousness

Hello. I keep telling people, Adironnda keeps telling people, and you probably keep hearing somewhere along in the world, that everything in the world is changing. And the mass consciousness of the planet is shifting its frequency, is shifting its energy, and it is. So how cool is that, that we, the planet, God or Source, whatever you choose to call it, is shifting the people’s consciousness?

I know you may or may not be thinking about that consciousness. You may listen to all the conspiracy theories on the vaccine and hearing about this strain and that strain and all the unrest in the world. You might not think that the world is changing. So I ask you to feel that the world is changing because in breathing into the changes that we see in the world, you never know when those messages or those reminders will pop up.

Everything Is Possible

Joeaux and I were getting ready to take new photos, and Joeaux had some extra time in Springfield. So she stopped into a shop she likes, and she is a master at finding treasures there. She is so amazing at finding treasures anywhere. She always finds exactly what she wants because she feels into that.

That’s the key to manifestation your feeling and the way you’re honestly feeling about something. And as she was leaving the shop, she just glanced over at the bargain box, and she saw words that mean a lot to us. She saw the words “Everything is possible,” and it’s on sale. It’s on sale for $10. Everything is possible; that’s the key. Everything is possible.

Of course, you know we have a Plurkshop (play + work) called Everything Is Possible; I can’t wait. I. mean, I’m looking forward to it. You see the difference in the negative there. I want to point that out. I started to say, “I can’t wait,” which means I cannot wait, which means the energy starts with a negative phrase. Instead, I look forward to having a live Everything Is Possible Plurkshop again. I am excited, honored, and looking forward to bring Everything Is Possible to you.

The World is Changing

You see, in the bargain box, everything is possible. So we need to think of the world as a bargain box of possibilities because everything is possible when you look in the bargain box. The world is changing. The world is reminding you that everything is possible. So, as the world reminds you that everything is possible, what do you hold in your bargain box? What do you hold in your box of possibilities? Is it overflowing? Has it broken out of the box? Has it broken out of the energy of connection?

Think about that this week. What do you hold in your bargain box of possibilities? For example, I hold in my bargain box of possibilities that someday, my eyes will stop responding to the world with extra water coming out of them. I love that, but it kind of messes up my makeup sometimes. So, what is in your bargain box of possibilities?

Infinite Possibilities

What else is in my bargain box of possibilities? The possibility that I get to have a live and in-person event in 2021. I need to act fast, don’t I? Would you come? Would you come to Branson, Missouri, for a Selenite Sword event, an Everything Is Possible event, or a How-To Channel event? If so, please let us know by commenting on our Adironnda Family of Love Facebook Group. What else are the possibilities? They’re endless. Oh, they’re infinite, infinite possibilities.

So, I would like you to think and pay attention to the signs around you this week that remind you that everything is possible, that all of the negative consciousness that may flow out of your neighbors, your friends, your television, they’re just cleansing that. They’re getting that out, and it does not have to affect you in your personal energy.

How is your world showing evidence that the mass consciousness of the planet is shifting into the higher vibration? Let’s chat about that. After all, everything is possible, right? Namaste, y’all. Namaste.

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