Be as a Child to Enter the Kingdom of Heaven

You must be as a child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven — or so the Bible teaches. At the Double Digit Group Session on 7/7/2014, however, Master Yeshua clarified the advice, saying:

“I am here to tell you
that it is your choice to be in that Heaven now.”

Here’s an excerpt from that evening’s webcast:

Brought forth through the Divine Link Marilyn Harper, Yeshua spoke of the laughter of babies.

“They laugh from their core,” he said. “They also learn that the adults around them respond to that laughter, so it’s a way of opening the heart of their adult.

“At the most appropriate time,” he went on, “the Universe will remind you, that laughter is your best message. Laughter is your key.”

A Triply Powerful Energy of Play

The topic was children and laughter for a reason. A numerological reason.

Since ancient times, civilizations have relied on the Spiritual meaning behind numbers for guidance, and one of the tenets of numerology is that, when a digit appears twice or more in a row, that digit’s energetic meaning is multiplied.

Since 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 7, July 7, 2014, had a rarefied triple-digit energy: 777. As Adironnda explained earlier in the presentation that evening, “The 777 is about acknowledging your own Ascended Masters, your own ascended connection to truly get behind whatever intention that you are setting today.”

And since 7 + 7 + 7 = 21, “that breaks down to a 3,” Adironnda explained, “so that brings in that wondrous energy, the numerology of the 3, which is play, which is creativity, which is wondrous energy of excitement, which is imagination, which is igniting the child that is within you.”

In other words, it was a very fun evening!

We Do This Every Month — Sometimes Twice!

Adironnda & Company presents at least one Double Digit Group Channeling Session each month, on the day when the date doubles (1/1, 2/2, 3/3, etc.). In January and February, we present an additional Double Digit on the days when the date triples, namely 1/11 and 2/22. These group channeling sessions shed light (and humor) on the numerological significance of these dates — both for you personally and for the Universe as a whole.

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