Be Still

be still

Be Still

Marilyn: Just take a deep breath. Take a deep breath in… and take a deep breath out. Exhale. Slow your breathing down. And be still. This is a month, a season of change. In the change of the seasons, moving from summer to fall, and then winter. So very little is actually still. So let’s just breathe into the stillness of harmony.

Being Mindful

And as we do, just think back to the first few times you ever thought about being still. What did that [be still] initially mean to you? And how may it be different to you now?

To the Buddha, being still meant being mindful, aware of each movement and aware of nothing, all at the same time.

Breathe in and breathe out… very slowly. As you do, breathe into your heart. Allow that heart resonance to come in. And think about something that brings a smile to your face, as you sit in the stillness.

Now just take a deep breath in and just sigh it out. Ahh. When you’re ready, you can open your eyes.

This moment of stillness was brought to you by Adironnda and Company. And Marilyn and Joeaux. 🙂

Memories of Being Still

Joeaux: I love going into the stillness.

Marilyn: So what are your first memories of being still, Joeaux?

Joeaux: Well, whenever I hear someone say “be still,” it instantly takes me back to being, three or four, maybe five. My grandparents would pick us up on Sunday, and take us to church. We would always sit in the main sanctuary with them until it was time to go to Sunday school.

I would always be sitting on my grandma’s lap, because there were three of us girls, and I was the wiggliest. I was the one who couldn’t sit still, and my grandma would pick me up and put me on her lap. Every time you say “Be still,” I hear my grandma. She would say, “Be still!” Like that. “Be still!”

And so it has kind of a mixed meaning, because my grandma was one of my most favorite people on the planet. In part, it brings me back to sitting in my grandma’s lap, which is a really fond memory. And the other part of it feels like, I’m gonna get in trouble if I don’t stop wiggling. So it’s kind of a mixed thing.

Quieting Distraction

Marilyn: I wonder if that’s why I had a similar reaction to “be still.” Like you, I was the wiggly, giggly, noisy one in church, and was always doing something active and was told to, “Be still.” I wonder if that’s why in meditation, when we are asked to be still and breathe, our chattering mind starts distracting us from everything that is different from stillness.

Joeaux: Well you and I mentioned it a little bit earlier, I think that we might actually associate being still, with being in trouble. You know what I mean? I know with my kids, when they were little, we had time out. And time out was a moment to go and sit in the corner and stare at the wall and be quiet. And they always came out of it in a really good place. But now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t think I ever sat them down and explained, “Well, if you go and stare at the wall, and take your mind off everything and just kind of slow down your breath, your whole world starts to become more peaceful. You feel more in control, more coherent. So I think that there’s a lot of social nuances that are ingrained in us, we don’t really think about, that are associated with that, “be still,” that stillness.

Sitting in Silence

Marilyn: Yeah. We didn’t have to sit in the corner and stare at the wall. We just had to sit on a chair and be still. We had to not speak, and not wiggle around or anything, but be really still. And it was a form of punishment..

Joeaux: Yeah. Well, we never called it punishment. We said, “Take a time out. You need a time out,” more like, “You need to take a pause in life right now, and think about what’s going on.”

Marilyn: For us, it was a way of punishment, but we were told to think about what you just did…and see if that was right. So it was a way of thinking and analyzing what you were doing, kind of like it is now. Of course, I was thinking, “How can I explain what I just did?”

But, now, it’s like I love the stillness. I love being still and sitting in silence. One of these days, I’m going to take another silent retreat, a stillness retreat. I’m so excited, because we’re getting ready to go into three events, almost back to back, where there’s a space for stillness.

One is Thailand, “Awakening the Buddha Within.” Obviously, that’s about being still.

Beach Meditation

Another is Cancun, to celebrate Lee Carroll channeling Kryon for 30 years.

Joeaux: And you, for channeling Adironnda for 20 years…

Marilyn: Yes, absolutely.

Joeaux: …yeah, combined 50 years.

Marilyn: And, it’s also about being able to sit on the beach and feel the movement of the ocean, and, you know, just because you’re being still doesn’t mean that everything around you is accommodating that stillness. There’s a lot of movement and action in the ocean, but it still is that sort of repetitiveness, that repetitive energy, which brings you into the stillness of peace.

Joeaux: I also think that when you’re in that still space, especially when you’re out in nature, Gaia and the animals around you feel it. I could give many examples… I remember one day I was meditating on the beach. It was a autumn, fall day, with crisp, cool air. And I was meditating, looking out at the ocean, and when I opened my eyes, a dolphin jumped straight up and twirled and came back down right where I was looking. And I remember thinking, “It knew that I was there.” Almost like there was some connection, that it was just a really special moment. And I’m not sure that we, as humans, tune into it quite as much as animals do.

See the Silence

Marilyn: I don’t know. It’s hard to say. I know I noticed it when we were in Alaska a couple of years ago. And we’re gonna get that opportunity again, in January, to be in that immense nature. It’s like the tundra, with snow, ice, mountains, and beautiful scenery from as far as the eye can look, with elk and moose. And I don’t know what all the wildlife is.

Joeaux: And do you remember being in the plane and looking out the window? There was not another person. It was a small craft, like those two rows and an aisle down the middle planes, right? As you call it a…

Marilyn: A baby plane. Toy plane.

Joeaux: And I remember looking out the window, thinking that you could see the stillness.

Marilyn: Yeah.

Joeaux: You could see the silence.

Acknowledge the Stillness

Marilyn: How does that feel, for you to be able to see the silence? To let go of the old programs when somebody said “be still?”

Joeaux: That also reminds me of something Adironnda says. They started saying it a couple years ago, “See with your ears. Taste with your fingers. Smell with your eyes.” In other words, use your senses in a different way.

Marilyn: Hear with your heart. That’s the key, to acknowledge the stillness any time you can. So, this week or this month, try your best… to sit in the stillness, and with joy. Sit in the stillness and let us know about that experience. Post it on Facebook or on this web page.

Just Be Still

Joeaux: You can post a comment, I believe right below this video on our website. And if you’re watching this on YouTube, you can post a comment below. We love hearing from you all.

Marilyn: Yes.

Joeaux: It’s like we’re talking with you when you do that. So we would love to hear your comments.

Marilyn: Yeah, so just let us know how the stillness is affecting you now, and maybe what old programs you’re ready to integrate when you were told to be still. And then we can just be still.

Let’s do it again…

Take a deep breath. Breathe in to harmony.

Namaste y’all, Namaste.

We love hearing your feedback and reading your comments! Do you have any memories about a time you went into the stillness? Be sure to leave us your thoughts below.


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3 thoughts on “Be Still

  1. LeRoy Simko says:

    Question on “stillness” please.
    How do I quiet the chattering mind. Being still does not stop the thought flow. To hold the mind on a single point is doable but exhausting. It you have any guidance I will follow your lead.
    I am looking into the “Heart Math” equipment and will be buying one of their bio feedback units in hopes I will attain the inner stillness I am expecting.

  2. Michela says:

    Hallo Marilyn and Joeaux!
    When I was a child I was always still because I didn’t want to be a bother. That stillness, however, didn’t feel good at all…it felt like having to hide, like being very tense, almost as if danger was everywhere around me. Now I am so thankful for learning to be still in another way. Now it’s like becoming more myself, my true self, it’s beautiful. It’s like I can let go of everything and be safe, at home. Thank you so much for your videos, they are deeply appreciated. Namaste you two!

  3. Pamela Jackson says:

    I did something new to me this summer and that was meditating on my balcony. I have a tree outside that goes just above my third floor balcony. Each time I meditated, when I opened my eyes, there would be one or two robins sitting at eye level in the tree, and they would stay until I had to leave. It was truly magical.

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