BE the Change: Top 3 Visionary Ways

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BE the Change Webinar

Hear Visionaries and Luminaries Karen McKy, Lenedra Carroll, Dr. Scott Werner, Joeaux Robey, Marilyn Harper and Adironnda (each speaking this year at The Visionaries in Light Convergence 2015), share what you can do right now to make an impact on the world. You don’t have to be a leader in a lofty position to positively impact the planet… It’s pretty darn simple!



PLUS – A Few Tools to Assist Your Vision:

Creation – Composed and produced by Randy Luna (one of our Visionaries in Lights Musicians and Adironnda’s “own” composer). This was especially created, with Reiki codes, to assist you in creating whatever you are doing or envisioning.


12 Strand DNA Activation – Dr. Scott Werner (a Luminary Keynote speaker at our Visionaries in Light Convergence) was “given” this activation directly from St. Germain. It is a visualization exercise to assist you in creating your NEW DNA.

As you can probably tell… We are passionate about creating change in the world. We invite you to join us in assisting in that passion at our Visionaries in Light Convergence. DETAILS HERE >


One person can make a difference… Together we can make a HUGE, immediate impact!


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