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7 Ways to Put Your YES!!! Into Action Now

WE are acknowledging the energy of change, assisting the consciousness of the people on this planet, and offering in the best way we can to give hands-on steps to activate whatever it is in your life to be activated. We’ve created these 7 steps for you to jump into your purpose and fulfill the reason that you are on the planet!


Watch this video to dive into the 7 steps.

At the end of the video… we’ll tell you all about our BE THE CHANGE VIDEO CONTEST. So, watch to the end : ) And, you’ll hear us mention The Visionaries in Light Convergence, you can learn more about that here.

Marilyn and Joeaux have created a list of 7 steps for you to take action…

The video deep dives the details for each step, and includes meditations, activations, examples, and exercises. This handy list below is a reference you can use for your own information in developing YOUR vision.

7 Steps to Move Into Your Yes!!!

STEP 1: Clarify – What is it that causes the light bulb to go on for you? Set your intention… you can always change it but make a decision. In the video, Marilyn guides you through a meditation to assist in this clarification process.

Feel free to clarify your intention in the comments below.

STEP 2: Be Courageous – When you get an idea. It’s time for you to take action. You don’t have to have all the details figured out. The fear, whatever it is, is only old programming. In the video, Marilyn walks you through an exercise to POP your fear out of your system.

Also, remember – I AM willing… are the words that will your intention into place.

STEP 3: Get Inspired – Inspire is latin for “breathe.” So in taking a deep breath you connect to Spirit – so when you are inspired you are deeply connected. A great way to be inspired is to use Affirmations because it actually triggers something in your brain that takes you back to your inspiration.

Keys to Affirmations:

  • Use the words I AM
  • Write them in the present
  • State what you want (not what you don’t want)
  • Keep it brief (pretend each word costs you $1,000.)
  • Use action words ending in “ing”
  • Make the affirmation about you (you can’t fix someone else)
  • End it with “this or something better”

Add your affirmation to the comment below – we’ll shoot it the juice!

STEP 4: Feel the Passion – You can’t fake passion… you feel it in every ounce of your body, it lights up your chakras. One of the best ways to get yourself into the feeling of passion is to “fake it till you make it.” This means, imagine your intention as already having come true. Feel into it. Create that passion within you. Do whatever it takes to get yourself into the feeling of your intention.

Passion is what will carry you through doing whatever it takes to get you to where you want to go.

Now, couple the passion with your inspiration… and….

STEP 5: Create a Plan – When you have the clarity, the courage to step forward (beyond the comfort zone), then – you begin with the end in mind. But, don’t get hung up on the plan!

It can be a 1 page document. It’s whatever you need to get your goal in writing. Start backwards. Begin with your goal and work it back to where you are today. Don’t allow this to get you stuck. The plan will bring you back to center.

Joeaux starts with a list… Marilyn begins with post-it notes. Listen to the video for the exact process : )

Have grace for yourself in this process. Break it into baby steps, tell yourself each day that you’ll do one thing towards it. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t get to that baby step… keep it on your list and continue.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Add it to the comments, we will support you in your quest.

STEP 6: Activate the Plan – You’ll definitely want to listen to this part of the video: Adironnda pops in for an activation. To go straight to the activation, you can forward the video to 59:20 minutes… that’s when Adironnda comes in with the activation of your Guides to connect you with your vision.

Adironnda cautions that you stay away from the energy of “I can’t and shift it to ‘I can’. You’re desire is no accident. You are no accident. The Universe does not create any mistakes… Everytime you think you can’t, we want you to hear our voice in your head saying, ‘that’s rediculous’!”

The Activation asks for help from your Guidance system and Oversouls to bring to mind, to heart, a clear image or word, or knowingness of what the vision is that you wish to create and accept.

STEP 7: Let it Go – Once you’ve created the passion, you’re inspired, and you’ve got your plan… POP – let it go!

Get the feeling, bring it up through your core – that feeling of passion of whatever you are creating… FEEL IT, then SNAP, POP – let it go. Don’t get caught up in the process… allow it to flow.


Want More Information About Visionaries in Light?

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Watch for this year’s details about the BE the CHANGE Video Contest, or visit BE the CHANGE Video Contest and be sure to get YOUR entry in!



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