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Illuminate and Spread Love – Be The Light, Be The Love

You never know what comes up and where you’re going to get some new words of wisdom from. Someone, my dear friend Joeaux, my business partner, gave me this little box. It’s got little words on it, and whenever I see it, it actually sits behind my computer so I don’t see it every single day.

But whenever I do, it always means something to me. Like this one, “Be the light.” I’m thinking, what does that mean, to be the light? Now, the light stimulates the energy of light, which is a synonym for God or a synonym for illumination. In that capacity, if it is a symbol of illumination and God, then it could say, “Be the love.

Be the Love You Are

Then I thought, what does that mean? Be the love. Adironnda always says, “Be the love you are.” If you are already that love, if that is already your present position, then that frequency of being that love is already within you. Then why do you have to be it?

Maybe it’s just to let your love be shown. In what ways do you show your love this week? Make some comments down below and let us know how you show your love. How are you planning to show your love this week, so you can be the light? Namaste y’all. Namaste.

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4 thoughts on “Be the Light

  1. Helen Fatir says:

    I always enjoy your messages, thank you
    OK being love, showing love – = being in a state of love which means loving myself and everything else – Oneness

  2. Sheila Wade says:

    I enjoy doing unexpected kindnesses for people. I say they are unexpected as most people seem so surprised… I don’t care if they say thank you or not.. I just enjoy doing them… all the time…

  3. Irini Elefteria Sanikou says:

    I have seen that by stopping to criticise people, lets more of my light touch them…. namaste!

  4. Nancy LaGasa says:

    Yesterday I called to inquire about kennel services for our dog. The owner wanted to talk..I listened for 30 minutes to her story. How she acquired the business, her dreams for it, her current situation. I showed her my love, my light, by letting her feel comfortable in the fact that I cared enough to hear her.

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