Being in the Presence Process

Being in the Presence Process

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This week, I wanted to talk with you about the guest who joined us on the 1/11/22 Double Digits webcast. Michael Brown, of The Presence Process. There are two books written five years apart; they are well used and well marked up. Michael wrote the first book in 2005 called A Journey into Present Moment Awareness, and the second book in 2010, A Journey into Present Moment Awareness: Revised Edition.


I want to show you a little bit of a difference that happened to Michael in five years. I love both versions, but you have to find out what works the best for you. Michael Brown was born in South Africa, and he’s now living back in South Africa. The original version of the book taught me the value of stillness.

This is a 10-week program, and honestly, I couldn’t get through the first part of it. It was just a little too tedious for me, so I started with a chapter right before week one. I don’t necessarily recommend that, but if you have trouble with the book’s first half, start in the middle and then go back and do the first half.

Being Present

One of those things helped me understand that the person that I thought was triggering me, which wasn’t really them triggering me, they were just the messenger, really was about me becoming me and being present with me.

The second book is not quite as strict in its information and energy. In the first book, you were to meditate for 15 minutes, twice a day, and read one chapter every day. I actually needed that because I have difficulty reading; my mind wanders. So I liked reading the same thing every day, and it clarified into the cells of my body.

Breathe Into a Mantra

There is a Mantra in the second book, which is, “I am here now in this,” each breath you take it, “I…” breathing in, “Am…”, breathing out, “Here…”, in, “Now…”, out, “In…”, breathing in, “This…” breathing out, and then you start again.

I found that that was quite helpful when I was having a difficult time being still, and I still always go back to that meditation.”I am here now in this.” And I’ve changed it a bit, and sometimes I do, “I am,” and sometimes I do lots of different things.I just wanted to share that message from Michael Brown and see if it helps you.

Alrighty. Well, I got to run.

Namaste, y’all.

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