Being the Iridescent Reflection


I am a Reflection

I just wanted to take you on a little tour of my car. You know, I’ve got this meditation mandala here hanging from the dashboard, hanging from my rear-view mirror. It is never a distraction. It is always a reminder that no matter what happens, I’m a reflection to all that I encounter.

We are a Reflection

I’ve got, as you’ve seen, my little bobbling Buddha, a reminder that I am peace. I am love. I am light. Interestingly enough, those miracles that we see that are all around us, our everyday occurrences, those miracles that we experience all around us, they come from within this. They’re not caused by anything on the outside. They come from our own physical presence.

I wasn’t going to be on camera right now. However, I just felt like total transparency is the key. And that’s what we’re seeing here in this world, is total transparency. We are like our mandala. Transparent yet as the light moves through us, we also bend to that light to reflect some new color, a new essence that comes in the experience of us.

Reflect Your Truth

So, pay attention to the colors this week, the colors that your life is really reflecting. We’re getting ready for our Mount Ida trip to reflect on the crystalline waters of Lake Ouachita. We might have an opening left when you see this, I don’t know. Check if we do. But we see that that crystalline energy magnifies all that it encounters. So, how are you magnifying that iridescent energy that is within you? How are you experiencing that truth in your connection?

You know, there’s two different viewpoints on truth. One is that truth is not truth because it is a perception, that it is my feeling of truth or your feeling of truth. Or there’s also the truth that is the “One Truth”, God’s truth. That’s the truth of Source. That is not changeable. That is constant. That is consistent. And no matter what happens, that truth is still in force. So which is it, constant truth or perceptive truth?

I like acknowledging the constant truths that are perceived in my life knowing that they are following the truth of the Source just like this iridescent mandala is following my car, or leading my car maybe I should say. I know there’s more there in that metaphor. I’ll let you figure it out and post it down below. Namaste y’all, namaste.

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