Belief in the Possibilities

Belief That Everything is Possible

I ran across this book called Believe, and it’s such a good book. The opening quote, of course, is my favorite. “The start to a better world, a better life, or a better future, is simply our belief that everything is possible.”

Here is an excerpt: “There’s a lot in this world we can’t see. But just because we can’t see something, or hold it in our hands, doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. This is especially true in difficult times, on those days when all you can see with your eyes are the problems. But if you look with your heart, you will see that possibilities are all around you and in you.” I love that.

Healing the Body is Part of Belief

I actually love that they type it big enough that I don’t have to put my glasses on to see it. I’ve just been thinking about the statement, even putting my glasses on to see it. The human body is such a magnificent tool. I believe that with our belief, we can heal the human body.

Adironnda and The Council have told me that I can teach channeling. Told me that I can teach people to hold the intention, to be able to see or sense into their own body or someone else’s body. To heal those parts of ourselves that may be out of balance or in misalignment.

Journey to Self-Mastery

I believe that is possible. I believe that, indeed, everything is possible. As that is the fact, what is it that you would like to believe about your own personal body? Let’s get it going. Put a message in the comments below.

Put your name if you want. Then each day this week, I will look at those comments. I’m just going to shoot you the juice to bring a little more impact, a little more oomph, to your own personal belief that everything is possible. You can heal and align your body.

Look With Your Heart

If you would like to create something else, that energy is being created as we speak. Adironnda always says, “The heart speaks to the mind, and the mind comes through the fingers.” So, type in what you’re creating. Everything is possible.

I hope everything is wonderful in your world this week. Namaste, you all. Namaste.

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38 thoughts on “Belief in the Possibilities

  1. Rosine says:

    I believe we have a robust immune system and we can heal our bodies and live very very long healthy lives.

  2. Natalia says:

    Thanks so much Marilyn and Adironnda! I´m Natalia from Argentina, I´ve been having a spiritual awake for a couple of years now, however I still haven´t found how to create a stable marriage, how to have a happy marriage without ups and downs, specially feeling so affected by my husband words when things are not as he wanted them to be. I (we) have two children and I feel stuck in this relationship.

  3. Ellen says:

    Full Embodiment of My Beloved Omni Source Compassionate LovingLight Life Heart Consciousness ❤️‍ & Beyond Infinite

  4. clint chase says:

    When I was one year old I was bitten by a mosquito with enchephalitis . I have been wearing glasses ever since.
    perfect eye sight is what I communicate to my cells, and of coarse a total body rejuvenation !!! I truly trust in our innate and infinite
    possibilities…NAMASTE EVERYONE !!!

  5. Marilyn Harper says:

    Just keep affirming that everything IS Possible! See your tumoial cells joining into a one way globe that is inpenetrable from the inside out, only from the outside in. Each day the cells will be disintegrated. Blessings, Marilyn

  6. Karen says:

    I believe my incredible body continues to be healthy strong and happy as I discover the joyful me.

  7. Margaret says:

    I know that everything is possible—-why it sometimes does not Happen NOT. But at 86 I am happy, but but but not 100% healthy

  8. sofia says:

    Thank you Marilyn for your work! I love to find every week your message and all the hope and joy you pour into it.
    I am working with a healthy issue, breast cancer: i know everything is possible, but there are days when I slip into fear and worry. I need to know (as medications are working good) that my tumolal cells will agree to die, as it is normal for every cell, and not just sleep over and over as they are doing now. I need to believe that every cell of my body is doing its job properly . I want, as our beloved Kryon said, to stay here longer and longer to help the process of transofrmation of the humanity, I want so much to give my help and see the great change!
    So I look forward for every help is possible
    Thank you once again, much love and blessings to you and your staff from Italy

  9. Tomasz Galiński says:

    Bless you, Marilyn! I am grateful for your thoughts and insights. I would like to firmly believe, that I can cure my severe short-sightedness. Thank you for your help. Cheers!

  10. Royal Burke says:

    Thank you Marilyn for this loving energy offer. My senior body could perform better in the prostrate/ bladder area. Many blessings.

  11. Thomas says:

    I Know everything is Possible. I have the power to create. I AM, Be, Do, Have, anything I desire/want.

  12. Kuldip Dhaliwal says:

    I totally believe you can heal yourself, but trying to learn that part lol . I been getting better at communicating with my body 🙂

  13. Marilyn Harper says:

    Blessings you Roy and sending love and Divine Healing and compassion for your seemingly mis-alignments.I know and understand all of the complications are piling up on each other. I will hold one ailment at a time in the next few days, to try and help get you some relief. We also have Certified Holographic Healing practitioners located on our home page of the website if they might be able to help. Also if you would like to schedule as session with me, will take you to the link. In the meantime, I will hold you in the light of Divine Healing, Blessings, Marilyn

  14. Roy says:

    I ask for help healing my body- cataract-right eye; mobility-sore back-spine,righthip joint +displaced synovial fluid, sore right thigh- pinched syatica & femoral nerve, sore inside right thigh, right leg-1.5″ shorter than left leg, collapsed arches; receeding gums, sore teeth + upper teeth- right side 1/2 way down unfillable cavity dentist threatens to pull, wisdom tooth upper left dentist again threatens to pull; high blood sugar levels -diet & exercise keeping diabetes at bay; thin hair on top; erectile dysfunction,premature ejaculation; sub-prime hearing; overweight. Your help would be much appreciated.- Many thanks for this opportunity

  15. Pat Prawlucki says:

    Please pray with me for healthy mind and body. Divine oerfect memory with clear articulate speech. Painfree, perfect eyesight,hearing and teeth. complete continence . Thank you

  16. Deatrice says:

    So much has been happening regarding my Spiritual Growth that I could put the writers of the Star Trek series to shame. Of course Kryon is always right but when he said “You don’t know what you don’t know,” he could not have been more accurate because I can testify that there are Beings out there in the Universe that are too Majestic for anyone to imagine with the limited knowledge we have here on Earth.

  17. Kimetta Ann Carter says:

    Oh, BLESS YOU, Marilyn! Thanks to Adironnda and Kryon’s teachings, I have changed my ‘beliefs’ into KNOWING; I KNOW (through experience) my precious body heals itself when I hold strong intent! HALLELUJAH! LOVE YOU, Dear One!

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