Bimini Bahamas, July 31-August 6, 2021

July 31-August 6, 2021

We are going back to Bimini!

Spend 8 days with Marilyn and Adironnda on this tiny island, 7 miles in length… mostly, on a boat engaging and swimming with the Dolphins in Bimini, Bahamas…


Check back for more details. Until then, here are the details of our previous adventure there in 2019.

Bimini Islands, The Bahamas


Activate Your Atlantean Roots!

Experience your own true enlightenment while in the ocean with these ancient, wise beings. Scientific studies have shown, swimming with dolphins actually helps boost your immune system, providing balance and healing. It’s all part of the activation that the sea water and the Dolphin beings provide to us humans. Dolphins are intelligent, playful, and very wise yet ancient beings. They help us to remember that we are genuinely here to experience joy.

Marilyn will share with you her own discovery that Dolphins are ancient communicators, providing insight from our Lemurian Roots and our Atlantean Roots.

The great island of Bimini is actually a gateway, opening to Atlantis, providing unique energy and a connection to your past lifetimes in Atlantis. We will connect in with Lemuria (in Hawaii) and balance that energy with our Atlantean connection.

Immerse Yourself In Dolphin Energy!

Dolphins, whales, sea turtles and elephants are the ancient record-keepers for the amazing planet earth. So as we connect one-on-one with the dolphins and other sea creatures we will receive the activations for our soul to help in our forward motion. PLUS, It is simply FUN to be with 10 other like minded people, relaxing on the beach, watching the sunset ( or sunrise) from our little hotel, on the beach of Bimini.

Experience the Joy of These Evolved Beings

Bask in the Glory of :

  • 5 days in a row on the ocean
  • Experience Channeling once or twice daily
  • Feel the energy of spending 24/7 with Adironnda & Marilyn, since they work with your energy even when you sleep!
  • The connection of like-minded friends
  • Relaxation in a way you can’t when you are working, or living with all the responsibilities of your life
  • Anchoring FLOW into your life with the ocean as the metaphor
  • Dolphins and sea turtles who carry the ancient memories of the earth
  • Your Atlantean Roots, up close and personal.
  • Snorkel the Bimini Road, gateway to Atlantis
  • View the underwater ruins of the Ancient civilization

Enjoy the Expertise of:

  • Experienced Dolphin guides
  • and local dolphin excursion, Captain

What about our ET connection to the Dolphins? The Pleiadians?

Dolphins are directly connected to the Pleiadian influence on this planet. They bring forth the connection of how we came through the gateway to Lemuria and then Atlantis. Dolphins bring forth the energy of Unconditional Love to the peoples of the planet. We will connect directly with that energy to enhance our experience and relationships when we return home.

Space is Limited

In order to use the smaller boat and have a more intimate group experience, we limit the amount of participants to only 10. There are other groups that go to Bimini, accommodating more people. We’ve found that the more people in the group, the longer it takes to get in and out of the water – the less chance/time you actually have to be in the water with the dolphins. We’ve decided that the small group experience is much more expansive.


$4555 (based upon double occupancy)



More Details to Come

Space is Limited – Join Now!

Questions: Email

There will be plenty of time to play and relax on the beach – with a group of like-minded people. You’ll have the opportunity to explore and engage in conversation and activities that will delight your soul – all in the land of Dolphins: the picture of joy.

Cancellation Policy: Retreat must be paid in full, due 30 days prior to arrival. If cancellation is necessary between 60 -30 days prior to arrival 1/2 payment will be refunded. If cancellation is necessary less than 30 days prior to event, we reserve the right to offer no refund unless your spot is filled with another participant. If cancellation is prior to 60 days from arrival all will be refunded except the initial $517.22 deposit (reservation fee). We know sometimes emergencies arise, please contact us for cancellation arrangements.

COVID-19 Policy: Please note that we will be following current CDC guidelines (at the time of the event, as needed) for all staff and attendees. As of now, the CDC recommends several strategies including: social distancing, cleansing and disinfecting surfaces, as well as the use of cloth face coverings and hand sanitizer. View guidelines here.


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4 thoughts on “Bimini Bahamas, July 31-August 6, 2021

  1. Marilyn Harper says:

    Hi Marielle, we will have all the details up by the end of this month. We only have spaces for 22 people so when it is posted be ready to act fast. It is an amazing journey. Loving you, Marilyn

  2. Layne says:

    My daughter, TC, posted a quote worth passing on:
    Be the reason someone still believes in magic,
    truth, authenticity, compassion, intelligent conversation and
    love that doesn’t have an agenda. ~~~ Brooke Hampton

  3. Marielle Losier says:

    I am interested in more info,,this gives me chills and I really would love Thailland in November 2019 with you guys,I saw it advertise somewhere!! Keep me posted!!

  4. Karen says:

    I’ve been waiting for this to be announced. My vacation weeks go Monday to Monday so this will not work for me. Sigh….

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