Bimini Retreat Channeling

adironnda bimini retreat channeling 2021

Adironnda Channels in Bimini

Bimini “Swimming with the Dolphins” Retreat

July 31, 2021 – August 5, 2021


Adironnda Bimini Retreat Channelings

Bimini Retreat Channeling – Opening Meditation: Awakening to our Soul of Love 7/31

Opening Meditation sets the tone for the Bimini Retreat. We bring in the people of the earth who will listen to these recordings. Experience setting the intention for the entire retreat.

Bimini Retreat Channeling – The Frequency of the Future 7/31

Adironnda addresses the possibilities of awakening to who you are and what you will experience in Bimini. As you connect with these recordings, all will feel the dimensional reality of the Bimini Retreat.

Bimini Retreat Channeling – Transforming the Past 8/1

Adironnda answers the question, “What is the most important thing you need to know that you don’t already know?” IN answer to the question, “How did I get it so wrong with the tobacco and Pachamama?” Adironnda & the Council explains the possibilities of right and wrong and Divine Order

Bimini Retreat Channeling – Caretakers of the Planet 8/1

Where does the deep Sadness, come from? It feels like there is something more I am to feel? Does it have to do woth the Duality of the human? How do I receive an attitude adjustment to keep from being stuck?

Bimini Retreat Channeling – The Key to Know Yourself 8/2

What happens when you discount your gifts or channeling ability to bring in the messages from Lucifer without Judgement. Remember your shadow side is present. It all depends upon wht to do with it. You still must remember your own perfection. It is only Humans that are victims, right? In answering a question about a particular persons teaching, is the dolphin energy connected to the star frequency. Discover Master Yeshua’s new information regarding Palestine and Israel.

(To be added soon)

Bimini Retreat Channeling – The Flow of the Universe 8/2

Adironnda addresses new ideas being created in present time, that may or may not be for the person who saw the vision to create. What happens when you “see” into the future, should YOU do something about it? How to you rid yourself of trauma from your childhood or even recently? Adironnda shares how to trust the messages from Gaia or your Guides. The teaching of the New Galactic Shaman.

Bimini Retreat Channeling – Honoring Mother Gaia 8/3

Relax as Marilyn brings you into a meditation with the Ocean in the background. The Sea, like Source is always with us. Always honor the two things that are necessary, water and air.

Bimini Retreat Channeling – Be Here Now in Your Wonderful World 8/4

A short message celebrating emotional release in the water and exploring the frequency of a group of strangers becoming a cohesive pod. Remember even when your world is like a rocking sea, you can still look at your wonderful world with clarity.

Bimini Retreat Channeling – What are Your Dreams? 8/5

Sometimes you get to release anything that holds you back. When you are a code bearer, you must follow that. When You sing, the dolphins show up. Your dreams are transforming, Life is about stepping into the newness of you. Language of Light supported by the interdimensional codes. It is time to step into your Action with wisdom, joy, and illumination. What happens if you have a doctorate in Waiting and now is the time to take the next step. Soulopreneur will give you the choices within your business.

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