The Black Panther in My Living Room

By Marilyn Harper

Not too long ago, a black panther appeared in my living room! Okay, so it was ceramic, and it was two-feet tall. It did, however, appear from nowhere.

Today, things instantly manifest. Think about something and it appears.

Black PantherYou see, I had been thinking about this two-foot tall black panther, or maybe it’s a jaguar. I had owned it since the 80’s. I loved it. It had always been like a guardian of my home. (One of my totems, right? ) Yet, a few weeks ago, I realized I hadn’t seen it in quite some time.

I remembered it was in the Rockaway Beach House, in 2008. Yikes! What happened to it? I have moved twice, have had storage units, given stuff away, broken stuff. Where is my Black Panther???? You see, that was my thought.

Then I breathed, and let it go.

That was the key! To let the thought go. To not stress over it, search for it, dig for it, just accept that if it is here in my home, now, or garage, it would come to the surface, … or not. Being OKAY either way. That is the Divine Order of things.

Your Guidance is trying to get your attention, learn to listen.

Then, a couple of weeks later I HAD to rearrange the furniture in my living room. I mean, I was pretty obsessed by it for a few hours. I moved my lounge chair from the corner in my living room to face the big windows in my kitchen so I could watch my Bradford pear tree bloom. I don’t know why I had to do it right then. I was just supposed to rearrange the furniture. I didn’t question. I just did it.

After rearranging the furniture, I realized I had this empty corner in my living room where the big chair was and I tried several chairs to fill the corner. Finally, I settled on the rocking chair. Yet, the corner still looked empty, so I added my “Joy” blanket, (not to be confused with Joeaux.) The point is, I studied that corner a lot over a several hour period.

That evening, as I was on the phone I walked through my living room and there in living color, staring at me from behind my rocker, was my TWO-FOOT TALL BLACK PANTHER. I even called a few people who had been in my living room recently to make sure it wasn’t there before. They agreed. It was not.

That is how things are working now. Learn, practice, and embrace the world you choose to live in and it will be created around you.


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“Because, Dear Ones, we have spent thousands of years being trained in the opposite of this, that is why. I am, We are simply helping you remember your B.L.I.S.S. so you can Soar. So you can fully understand and Believe Life Is Simply Spiritual. “
~ Adironnda

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Namaste` y’all,



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3 thoughts on “The Black Panther in My Living Room

  1. Marco says:

    Thanks for sharing your great story about your black panther Marilyn. In turn, a great story about our new energy manifesting and our new lives! Big hellos to you and ‘the Joy’. 😉

  2. Michael Murphy says:

    Love your story, Marilyn. Jaguar is an important power animal for me too. By the way, a black panther can be either a black leopard or a black jaguar. Jaguars are more American though. They once range throughout the southern US. One is still spotted occasionally–but probably wandered up from Mexico.

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