A Burnout Treatment for Seekers

A burnout treatment for seekers

Have you ever burned out trying to do your very best? Here’s a burnout treatment for those seeking a higher purpose in life. In our passion to to be our very best, we often get caught up in the “doing” to achieve “results”. The result? We burnout.

In this week’s message, Marilyn “The Vessel” Harper, expresses a unique remedy to conquer burnout and yet still stay focused on our own path. Afterall, that IS what we are here to do!

A Burnout Treatment for Seekers


We are still in the same hotel room. Joeaux is over there. I will show her in just a minute.

We are on a road trip.

I don’t know about you, but for many people just the idea of taking a road trip with your friends, kind of inspires a little fun, enlightened – energy, in your energy fields. You feel that little heart excitement, and the fluttering energy of…

“When was the last time you took a road trip just for fun?”

That is what Joeaux and I have been doing. Well, we have been on a road trip since May.

We were on a BIG road trip in May. Actually, we were on a BIG road trip to Peru, then a little road trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas, to Kryon’s Summer Light Conference.

Then we were on a road trip out to the West Coast Dowsers Conference in Santa Cruz, California.

Next we drove on to San Jose, California with Kathleen and Judson of Soul Tones. They’ll be at our Visionaries in Light Convergence.

Then we were on a road trip to Edmonton, Canada, where we met some wonderful people and had a great Myth-Busters Plerkshop. We met some wonderful folks, people, who were Double Digit Subscribers.

We have had so much fun just exploring who we are, what we are choosing to grow within us and honoring this amazing land, this amazing planet that we live on.

How can you bring out that Play energy into your work?

This week I would like you to take a little road trip with us, (if you are on FaceBook, then go back into the archives to watch the live-recorded videos) and experience what it is like to laugh for no reason, to cry for no reason, to play, just because we can. And to know that our work, gets the opportunity to feel like play. That is what I would like you to think about this week.

How can you allow your “Play” energy to come into your work? How can you accommodate that? Maybe it’s a road trip within your own mind. Ha Ha!

I do that a lot.

spiritual message

There’s Joeaux.

Joeaux’s mind can be a scary place as mine can. (listening to Joeaux mentioning something about “objectifying” her.) Oh, I AM. See that is how it happens. They can’t hear you because I’ve got a headset on. She said, “Wait, you’re making a joke at my expense.” That is true, that is what last week’s message was about.

So you see how ingrained those habits can become? To make a joke at someone else’s expense, when in actuality, we are REALLY having a marvelous time. We are acknowledging and honoring each other, just as we are acknowledging and honoring you, just continuing to laugh for no reason.

Have a great day!

Namastè Y’all!

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