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Two Channels Chat

adironnda channels with the one

Marilyn Harper Channels with Adironnda And The One Marilyn was interviewed by Kevin Moore, of the alternative series, The Moore Show. When filming with Marilyn in her hometown for a documentary, “They Call Us Channelers,” an idea was sparked: What if our two channels had a conversation with one another? What happened next was epic! […]

Marilyn Brings Master Yeshua’s Messages from Israel

Master Yeshua at the Sea of Galillee

Enjoy these 3 videos recorded during the Kryon Israel 2015 Tour. In October, 2015, Marilyn was invited to make a few special appearances, channeling messages from Master Yeshua, in specific places in Israel. Officially, she provided messages to the entire Kryon Tour from the Mount of Beautitudes. She also did a guest appearance with Yeshua, […]

Master Yeshua Urges Love Amid Differences

Master Yeshua

This is a transcript of our Double Digit Group Channeling Session, May 5, 2014, featuring a message from Master Yeshua ADIRONNDA: It is good day to you! Very good to see your energy. Very good to connect with each of you. You understand, my name is Adironnda, if we have not met before, and as […]