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Las Vegas is Calling You to Shine Your Light

“Did you hear about the shooting in Las Vegas?”

I was on a “sisters” weekend, a spiritual healing event that I think everyone should do now and then. We were deep in Oak Creek Canyon – near Sedona, Arizona –  … Read the rest

How to Raise Your Vibration – 22 Ways

Turning a cartwheel raises your vibration

(When Nothing Else Seems to Be Working)

Raise your vibration and you align with the matching Universal energy

Consciously choosing to raise your vibration (and doing it!) tells the Universe twice that you are making a request: first, consciously (which … Read the rest

3 Life Threatening Mistakes

…That Conscious Women Make That Destroy Their Health And Quicken Their Aging Process

Marilyn Harper shares the three choices (you’ve simply forgotten) that are the key to happy, healthy, and young. She gives you 5 solutions to alleviate stress (the … Read the rest

Marilyn and Joeaux to Attend the Cree Nation Sundance Ceremony

Cree Sundance Ceremony

By special invitation to only 40 guests by Dr. Bruce Lipton, we (Marilyn and Joeaux) have accepted the honor to participate in the 2017 Cree Nation Sundance Ceremony near Calgary, Canada in late June.

This video below is a … Read the rest

Find Inner Peace No Matter What

In the last spiritual messages from Marilyn Harper, you might have wondered ‘How did she manage to stay at peace and able to create these inspiring videos, while in the midst of all the noise in an unsettling location?’… Read the rest

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