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The All-Encompassing Hand

Inspiration Comes in Many Forms You never know what will inspire you. I was sitting here, and I had just recorded a weekly message. I love giving my perspective or sharing a view that has come to me, as it may benefit people. I was sitting here, and all of a sudden, I realized that […]

A Time of Learning New Things

time of learning new things

Learning and Teaching New Skills Joeaux: So it’s our monthly message, Marilyn. Marilyn: It is. What kind of message would you like to talk about? Joeaux: Well, April was kind of a crazy month, don’t you think? It’s still in the stay at home. Marilyn: It’s been a wonderful, intense, peace filled time. And, it’s been a month […]

Shifting Your Perspective

Learning New Tasks This is a time when we are all learning how to do new things. Before all of this is done, we may all decide to have a new hairstyle in a messy sense because we can’t get to the hairdresser right now. If you’re reading this years in the future, it was […]

Spiritual Laughter

spiritual laughter

Why Am I Laughing? Before I began to record, I thought to myself that I would like to do a weekly message on healing, as I’ve been preparing for our online Holographic Healing courses. And as I started, I was working on the visualization of what it might take to heal within the body. Just […]

Spiritual Laughter

Spiritual Laughter

Do you know what I’m laughing at? Neither do I. You know, before I began, I thought I would like to do a weekly message on healing, and I’ve been preparing for the holographic healing course that we have coming up again in January. And as I started, I was working on the visualization of […]

How To Live

Portland, ME InnerActive Weekend Recorded June 30, 2018 This recording is also available on Kryon’s site here. The transcription is of Marilyn’s channeling of Adironnda only. File Size: 31.1 MB Length: 25:51 MIN   Adironnda speaks: So it is good day to you, eh? Very good to see your energy, your love, your light, your […]

How to Raise Your Vibration – 22 Ways

Turning a cartwheel raises your vibration

(When Nothing Else Seems to Be Working) Raise your vibration and you align with the matching Universal energy Consciously choosing to raise your vibration (and doing it!) tells the Universe twice that you are making a request: first, consciously (which is actually more for you) and second, (more importantly) energetically. Below are 22 Ways to […]