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Mirror Reflection

Mirror Refection

Emancipation Proclamation Hello, I want to share a little wisdom that I have gained recently about life. I mean, I could share the wisdom that I’ve gained in the past two or three months about life, but I would start to cry, and then everything would get messy. And then I wouldn’t send it to […]

Does Joeaux Channel?

Does Joeaux Channel

Channeling Information Hi, I’m Joeaux Robey, and I’m here to talk about a series of videos that my team asked me to do. Another question that comes up quite often is, does Joeaux channel? I know sometimes you see me on stage with Marilyn, and we do many programs together. I don’t channel the way […]

Joeaux’s Relationship with Adironnda

Joeaux's Relationship with Adironnda

Meeting Adironnda Hi, I am Joeaux Robey, and I am so grateful to help Marilyn out a little and do a few weekly messages for her. I asked my team, “What do you think people would want to know from me about our business, channeling, or the spiritual energy?” And they said, “Our listeners might […]

Ho’oponopono Prayer

Ho'oponopono Prayer

Love & Happiness It’s Joeaux again. I am grateful for the opportunity to fill in for Marilyn for the weekly messages, and I would like to talk about those who push your buttons. Especially the ones you have to spend time with and hesitate to be around them because they push all your buttons. They […]

Stay Centered

Stay Centered

Surround Yourself with Happy People Hi, Joeaux again. Wow, we have been getting so many emails from people asking how to stay centered while being in the chaoticness, the craziness that’s happening all around. Years ago, I decided that I just wasn’t going to be in it. I turned off the news. I limited myself […]



Helping Hand Hello, I am Joeaux Robey. If we haven’t had the pleasure to meet before and you’ve been looking at these weekly messages, now you’re probably beginning to think that I do all the weekly messages, but that’s not true. Marilyn has been recovering from her surgery, and I’ve been filling in and doing […]

Thoughts Become Things

Thoughts Become Things

Unexpected Flyer Hello! It’s Joeaux, and I want to share a little story with you. I went out to my car this morning because we are here in the studio, and I noticed this flyer on my windshield. It says, “A time of trouble, the dreadful time,” and a church puts it out. I don’t […]