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8/8/2018 Double Digit Bringing in Balance & Abundance

Bringing in Balance & Abundance So, it’s happy 8/8/2018! You know it’s just amazing that it’s already August. It just seems like we were just doing the 1/1/2018 and now already it’s August! Well, believe it or not, the 8/8/2018 adds up to a 27. 8+8+2+1+8 equals a 27, which equals a nine.  8 […]

7/7/2018 Double Digit Spiritual Ignition

Spiritual Ignition The 7-7-2018 all adds up to a 25 which is then broken down into a 7. So for the 7-7-2017 it is actually like a triple 7. The 7 is the most spiritual of all the numbers always looking ahead, yet finding it’s place of balance. This month’s activation will assist with the […]

6/6/2018 Double Digit Eruptive Change

Eruptive Change 6 + 6 + 2 + 1 + 8 = 23 = 5 Change is upon us once again. I know you have felt that there have been so many changes that you don’t think more are possible, but hang on Dear One, because the eruptive change is coming regardless of whether you […]

5/5/2018 Double Digit Catalyst for Abundance

Catalyst for Abundance

Catalyst for Abundance May 5th is not only Cinco de Mayo. In numerology, 5/5/2018 adds up to 21, which becomes a “3” day. And as you may have heard, the number 3 is a catalyst. It’s all about creating change with this triad energy that’s coming! What would you like to create more of in […]

How to Raise Your Vibration – 22 Ways

Turning a cartwheel raises your vibration

(When Nothing Else Seems to Be Working) Raise your vibration and you align with the matching Universal energy Consciously choosing to raise your vibration (and doing it!) tells the Universe twice that you are making a request: first, consciously (which is actually more for you) and second, (more importantly) energetically. Below are 22 Ways to […]

Community is Very Important

Another powerful, spiritual message of the month about why community is very important for all of us. To expand upon what Adironnda mentioned in navigating through the craziness of 2017, Marilyn shares with us the importance of gathering and being a part of special groups.   Marilyn discusses exactly this in the video below. Check it out. Well, here we are in this […]

2017 New Year’s Day Numerology Message

2017 Navigating the Insane Energies

It’s Our Annual New Year’s Day DOUBLE DIGIT State of the Union Activation and Meditation! (Scroll down to see videos and download audio.) Navigating the INSANE Energies of 2017. Navigating the vortex of energy in 2017 will be a powerful activation opening up a 3 year corridor of ignition. We will ignite your most conscious […]

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