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Numerology Meaning for 2018

numerology meaning for 2018

Below is the numerology meaning for 2018, created on New Year’s Day – Jan. 1, 2018. Each year, Adironnda webcasts a LIVE Q&A Numerology Meaning for the upcoming year, on New Year’s Day. We call it the State of the Universe Double Digit Message and Activation. We also have a monthly Double Digit message beginning […]

2017 New Year’s Day Numerology Message

2017 Navigating the Insane Energies

It’s Our Annual New Year’s Day DOUBLE DIGIT State of the Union Activation and Meditation! (Scroll down to see videos and download audio.) Navigating the INSANE Energies of 2017. Navigating the vortex of energy in 2017 will be a powerful activation opening up a 3 year corridor of ignition. We will ignite your most conscious […]

New Year’s Day Message of the Numerology Meaning for 2016

Numerology Meaning for 2016

In this free numerology reading, Adironnda shares the Numerology Meaning for 2016 in this State of the Universe Double Digit Message and Activation of 1/1/2016. Marilyn Harper and Randy Luna have been doing a conscious activation since 2000 – as a gift to the Universe. Some of our music in the store comes from these New Year […]

Numerology and Astrology – Marilyn’s Interview with Living Astrology Radio

Listen live or to the replay using the link below:–spiritual-sparkplug Numerology is the ancient study of how numbers fit into the pathway of your life. Surprisingly enough, they align perfectly with your astrology chart. Through numerology you can see clearly your life purpose, life lession and your destiny. Callers will have a chance to […]

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