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Walk-ins Welcome 2013 Gets Rave Reviews

Now that the dust has settled, and the boxes have all been shipped back to our corporate office in Missouri… we actually, got to go through the feedback we received. Here’s a little video of a few of the recorded testimonials and below are some of the written ones. Other Reviews… [Three Trees] “Excellent!” [Jayme […]

Quick Movie of 8 Extraordinary Lightworkers

Hello There! Of course you know Marilyn! But, have you met bj King, William Linville, Jennifer Hough,or Lenedra Carroll? What about John Schulte, Leandra Murray or Christine Bannigan? These extraordinary lightworkers are now doing things that once they never dreamed possible. They want to show you how to do the same! >> View the “8 Exceptional Lightworkers to Watch” Movie Now This 1 1/2 minute […]