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Master Yeshua Activates Our Genius Code

the genius code

Master Yeshua came through, as promised, during the 5-5-2014 Double Digit, to speak with us about realizing our infinite potential. Sometimes he called it infinite potentiality. Other times he used a term that was a new one to me: Genius Code. Let me say that I look forward to the Double Digit every single month, not […]

Plenty of Dolphins in Bimini Now

If you are considering our Bimini Retreat, you’ll love hearing this – from our Bimini Coordinator – on the ground in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, Patti Schmidt. According to Patti, the dolphins are plentiful in the waters of Bimini, this summer, and they are reaching out and touching those that need to be “touched”. The experiences […]

Adironnda’s Spiritual Guidance for Me: “The Time Is Now”

Spiritual Guidance - Debbie Teichmann

By Debbie Teichmann My goal setting started at a very early age, and it was entirely self-imposed: Sell the most Girl Scout cookies. Win the spelling bee. Read the most books over the summer to receive the coveted award. Be in the top 2% of my college-prep high school class. Own the largest AZ Coffee […]

Know Your Truth

Know Your Truth Girl

Have you ever struck on an idea so true that it sent shivers down your spine? Good shivers! The very best kind of shivers! And have you ever, then, shared your truth with someone else, possibly even someone you love very much and who loves you back, only to have them sort of tilt their […]

Meditation?!? I’m SO There.

Adapted by Sheila Key from her book, 50 Ways to Leave Your 40s. When asked how to meditate, many spiritual masters offer the same simple advice: Sit quietly and observe the breath. But what’s the big deal about breathing? Newborn babies can do it with their eyes closed! So… nothing to it, right? Right! Yet, […]

For Spiritual Awakening, Move Through Fear and Into Bliss

Spiritual Awakening is what we’re all about here at Adironnda & Company. Assisting you and others in matters of Spiritual Awakening is at the center of every message Adironnda delivers. It’s also the aim of every program we put together and the main ingredient of every lovingly created product we offer. And then, Adironnda reminds […]

Calling All Spirit Guides!

Spirit Guides, draw near! I beseech them, as I inch slowly backward. I’m not usually a “spirit guides” kind of person, but that seems to be changing fast. Under the circumstances, praying to Spirit Guides strikes me as the best possible idea—not that I’m thinking clearly just now. No, my brain is a boggle of […]