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Las Vegas is Calling You to Shine Your Light

“Did you hear about the shooting in Las Vegas?” I was on a “sisters” weekend, a spiritual healing event that I think everyone should do now and then. We were deep in Oak Creek Canyon – near Sedona, Arizona – with very limited cell phone coverage. One of our “girlfriends” had somehow grabbed enough cell […]

Marilyn and Joeaux to Attend the Cree Nation Sundance Ceremony

Cree Sundance Ceremony

By special invitation to only 40 guests by Dr. Bruce Lipton, we (Marilyn and Joeaux) have accepted the honor to participate in the 2017 Cree Nation Sundance Ceremony near Calgary, Canada in late June. This video below is a 90 minute Q&A about that experience, with Marilyn and Joeaux. Watch the Video and leave us […]

How Meditation Saved My Life

Totally burned out… no real sense of purpose. Hi Adironnda, it’s me, Joeaux, Not too many years ago, … as on any other weekday, I woke up, I exercised, and I ate breakfast. I checked my email before commuting one hour to my corporate job in Santa Monica, California. I sipped some coffee and watched […]

BE the Change: Top 3 Visionary Ways

For your best viewing experience, please use the latest versions of Firefox or Chrome. Hear Visionaries and Luminaries Karen McKy, Lenedra Carroll, Dr. Scott Werner, Joeaux Robey, Marilyn Harper and Adironnda (each speaking this year at The Visionaries in Light Convergence 2015), share what you can do right now to make an impact on the […]

Visionaries in Light Webinar Series 2014

Visionaries in Light Webinar 2014

THREE DAYS | NINE WEBCASTS | ELEVEN “TREE-SHAKERS” WED – 10, THURS – 11, FRI – 12 SEPTEMBER | 6:00 PM PDT TimeZone Converter > Come and meet some bright shining lights… Recorded LIVE -from Wednesday (Sept. 10, 2014) through Friday (Sept. 12, 2014) >> Get Access to All 9 Interviews – […]

Visionaries in Light Convergence: What’s in a Name?

By Joeaux Robey “Visionaries in Light”? “Convergence”? We’d been telling people that our annual conference has a new name (for three years we called it Walk-Ins Welcome), but looking into the energies — and, of course, listening to Adironnda — we came to realize that it’s not so much a new name as it is […]

A Lesson from the Finish Line (from my 6th grade son)

Personal coaching opportunities have come up for me several times in my career. Back in my corporate days, I mentored plenty of eager, young up-and-comers who were bent on reaching the corner office. And nowadays, in my work with Adironnda & Company, I’m always happy to offer encouragement to individuals along their spiritual path. Some […]