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Maca Reindeer – Holiday Greetings

One thing can be said about Marilyn and Joeaux… They sure know how to be silly!!! Enjoy this little video that they put together especially for all of you, with one purpose in mind: To make you smile. If you smiled, please leave a comment in the blog post below. Happy Holidays, We are so […]

Marilyn and Joeaux’ Mission

As Directed and Guided by Adironnda That picture up above? That was taken in 2010 when we first started working together. Joeaux had just awakened. I had been on this Spiritual path for nearly a decade. We had both experienced what’s called a “walk-in“. I had literally shook my fist at “God” (or whatever you […]

Mastering Bliss and Channeling Your Inner Guru

“Anyone can channel,” Marilyn says. She tells me all the time that anyone can do what she does. “Anyone?” I ask as I look up from my writing. “Anyone, like me?” “You already do,” she tells me. I check my reflection in my computer monitor. Yep. Still looks like me. No foreign accent, no change […]