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Spiritual Message Today: To Bag or Not to Bag

Spiritual Message Today

Ever feel like life would be better with a bag over your head?

Just not do anything… not think about all the horrible things that are going on in your world. Just put the bag over your head. Maybe they’ll … Read the rest

Weekly Spiritual Message: Laugh for No Reason

Laugh for no reason

Sometimes, hurtful pranks and negative videos go viral. We may even find them hilarious – at someone else’s expense. It seems like a little thing, like there’s nothing wrong with this but according to Marilyn, this kind of humor creates … Read the rest

Marilyn Harper Shares Some (Ahem) Enlightening Music

Enlightening Music Bluebird

What’s better than a song of positivity and happiness? Um…. a little silliness mixed in, perhaps?

Take a deep breath, and breathe out the funster within you! Join Marilyn Harper in singing this song of enlightenment. It doesn’t matter if … Read the rest

BE the Change: Top 3 Visionary Ways

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BE the Change Webinar

Hear Visionaries and Luminaries Karen McKy, Lenedra Carroll, Dr. Scott Werner, Joeaux Robey, Marilyn Harper and Adironnda (each speaking this year at … Read the rest

Visionaries in Light Webinar Series 2014

Visionaries in Light Webinar 2014

Visionaries in Light Webinar 2014


WED – 10, THURS – 11, FRI – 12 SEPTEMBER | 6:00 PM PDT TimeZone Converter >

Come and meet some bright shining lights…

Recorded LIVE -from Wednesday (Sept. 10, 2014) … Read the rest

The Majesty and Magic of Mount Shasta

By Marilyn Harper

I have always wondered what the draw was about Mount Shasta. I’ve had many friends who’ve gone to the mountain for various events — Wesak in May, 1/1 celebrations, Inner Life conferences, and a host of other … Read the rest

The Holy Land Experience

Marilyn in Jerusalem

Upon returning from the Holy Land, I realized I had just experienced something that would change my life forever. This Holy Land experience, without a doubt, was the most amazing time, from beginning to end. I have story after story … Read the rest

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