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The Holy Land Experience

Marilyn in Jerusalem

Upon returning from the Holy Land, I realized I had just experienced something that would change my life forever. This Holy Land experience, without a doubt, was the most amazing time, from beginning to end. I have story after story after story after story—of the people, the land, the history, the energy—and, of course, I […]

You’ll never guess who I saw while walking to my car – – – Jesus!

Easter Sunday, and I’d gone to Kansas to visit my mom. I was feeling a little distracted—okay, a lot distracted—because I had just received the most bumfuddling message from Adironnda and the Council. This was just days before I was to depart for Israel, for a series of sold-out appearances as I facilitate the Divine […]

4/4/2014 Double Digit Numerology Message – Transcript

Double Digit Numerology Message

During our April 4th Double Digit Numerology Message, the Divine Mother was the one who came through. This session was quite different in that the 4/4/ 2014 activation began the session – then, the message was delivered. First, Marilyn told a story: I’ve been in meditation for a few hours this afternoon, bringing in some […]

6 Is Pregnant? Double Digit Group Channeling on 4/4/2014

For some reason, April’s Double Digit Group Channeling theme didn’t come in quickly. When you add up the digits of the date 4/4/2014, you get 15, which in turn yields a 6. I asked the Council for the deeper meaning of this, numerologically, and kept hearing “nurturing” and “ancients.” That didn’t mean much to me, […]

Eye-to-Eye with a Smiling Dolphin

Swimming with dolphins in bimini bahamas

Relax, I told myself. Breathe. I love swimming with dolphins in Bimini Bahamas but breathing underwater is always an adjustment. So, here I was again, immersed in the sea, feeling a little bit of that old panic as my body insisted that it’s not natural to breathe under water. At least not anymore. The sea is so vast, […]

Maca Reindeer – Holiday Greetings

One thing can be said about Marilyn and Joeaux… They sure know how to be silly!!! Enjoy this little video that they put together especially for all of you, with one purpose in mind: To make you smile. If you smiled, please leave a comment in the blog post below. Happy Holidays, We are so […]

Enjoy a Spiritual Vacation…

“You will laugh harder than you ever thought you could laugh.” ~ Marilyn Harper Click this audio player to hear from Marilyn… [ca_audio url_mp3=”″ url_ogg=”” width=”350″ height=”35″ align=”none”] If you are looking for some fun and wisdom in one of the most Spiritual places on the planet then check out the Walk-ins Conference this year […]