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Marilyn and Joeaux’ Mission

As Directed and Guided by Adironnda That picture up above? That was taken in 2010 when we first started working together. Joeaux had just awakened. I had been on this Spiritual path for nearly a decade. We had both experienced what’s called a “walk-in“. I had literally shook my fist at “God” (or whatever you […]

The Black Panther in My Living Room

By Marilyn Harper Not too long ago, a black panther appeared in my living room! Okay, so it was ceramic, and it was two-feet tall. It did, however, appear from nowhere. Today, things instantly manifest. Think about something and it appears. You see, I had been thinking about this two-foot tall black panther, or maybe […]

The Time of Instant Manifestation is Now

By Adironnda via Marilyn Harper “Why B.L.I.S.S.?” Marilyn asks. Adironnda responds: You know, it is not really about channeling or woo-woo, or how many lifetimes you had as a carpenter or king, OR bringing the dimensional shift of the Universe through your body for the enlightenment of all. Sounds heavy huh? What all this stuff […]

Confusion-ville, Missouri. 1993

In retrospect, I realize my soul transformation – or “Walk-in” – is something that I chose because I was ready. All of the skills, talents and qualities of the “walk-out” would now be combined with the skills, talents and qualities of the new soul, or the “walk-in.” The two souls, literally, exchanged to combine and make me who I am today.

You Know You’re a Walk-in When…

The transformation didn’t occur because I was suicidal or at a loss for what to do with my life or because I was depressed, living in a darkness or afraid for my future. My transformation or exchange simply happened because I was done with one part of my life and ready to embark on another.

A Gift from Assumption Abbey

Joeaux and I ventured unknowingly into the private area unavailable to guests of the Abbey and I wondered how many more rules we could break with our presence. We were particularly drawn to a meditation site with a large statue of Mary, standing on a ball and a snake.