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Week of 02/20/12 – Spend the Weekend with Adironnda

Where’s Adironnda? Marilyn and Adironnda are back in Carlsbad, CA! Week of 2/20/2012: 1.WED: 02/22/2012 LIVE Double Digit Q&A Webinar 2.FRI – SUN: The Great Awakening 2-Day Retreat 3.COMING: The Personal Enlightenment Silent Retreat Dear Friends, This month, the Vessel and the Joy (Marilyn Harper and Joeaux Robey) have been criss-crossing Southern California and Nevada […]

Webinar: Truth About Walk-ins

Many have experienced a walk-in, soul transformation, or know they are Galactics or Starseeds. Many are now sharing their stories while many others find that these stories resonate with their own lives. Register to join in on these fascinating conversations online, hosted by Marilyn Harper, throughout the year. Once registered, you’ll receive an invitation these amazing […]

2012: Straight From Source

Please, fill out the form below for download of this session! As a special BONUS to our monthly Double Digit Group Channeling, Marilyn Harper and Composer Randy Luna joined forces to channel a unique Double Digit experience on New Year’s Day, 01/01/2012. Unlike typical Double Digit Channelings that are generally open only to subscribers, Marilyn […]

My Amazing Crestone Experience

Now that I have been to Crestone, the desire to return is stronger than the initial tug and this time I will be able to attend Marilyn Harper’s Next Step retreat in October 2011. I want to experience again these portals into the past, the present and the future but this time with Adirronda’s help and guidance. I hope to learn more about these huts and the stories that Mother Earth has to tell.